Trump Like Hitler? Well, Let’s Compare Contexts.

USA, 2016: Muslims commit mass murder on a wide scale; US at war or has very poor relations with roughly six Muslim countries and is responsible for thousands if not millions of Muslim deaths; Donald Trump calls for a ban on Muslim entry into the US to protect Americans from the people with whom the country is overtly at war, and is derided as a racist and Islamophobe while his detractors, including anti-war leftists, never mention the wars or the deaths of Muslims perpetuated by the current democratic administration.

Germany, 1939: Jews commit no violent crimes of any appreciable amount and perpetrate zero acts of what could be called terrorism; Germany at war with zero Jewish nations, because none exist, because for thousands of years Jews have been forcefully exiled and expelled from almost every place they’ve settled, primarily because they come from a tradition of reason, the ownership and promotion of private property and the free market, and of self-realization and individual self-worth, which is anathema to the rest of the world, which concedes almost categorically some form of philosophical gnosticim/mysticism; Hitler openly scapegoats the Jews in his autobiography and likens them to an evil, subversive, monolithic force, and, far beyond the call for banning their entry into the German state, indicates the necessity of rank banishment, the violent seizure of all Jewish private assets, the suspension of habeas corpus, and mass extermination.

And in the US today, both the leftist ideologues and right-wing political establishment declare a moral and political equivalency between Hitler and Trump.

There is no basis for this.

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