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The Christian Ethic of Serving THYSELF

It is a contradiction in terms to declare: “I exist to serve myself, and so does everyone else”. Because this statement concedes a distinction between “myself” and all other selves; and since myself MUST be singular/absolute–for there is no way to divide or mitigate the metaphysical root of one’s Self–then it is conceded that the metaphysical frame of reference for all other selves is equally singular/absolute. In which case, it is impossible that all other selves exist to serve “myself” because the absolute/singular metaphysical nature of each Self demands that ALL actions of ALL Selves can only and always be in service to the absolute Self which lay at their root.

So…is it rational to claim that you exist to serve God?

No. It isn’t. Which is why God never claimed it. Your existence is a function of your Self, and so THAT is what you ALWAYS serve. Whether you like it or not.

The real Christian ethic is to serve and promote yourself and allow others the absolute freedom to do the same. Real Christians preach freedom of association, not cosmic slavery.


Sacrifice as an Ethical Primary is Irrational

You have heard it said that it–the “zeitgeist” or “ethos” of life–is not about you, but is about your sacrifice, ultimately, to something “greater” than yourself.

This is not true; and never was; nor ever can be.

The truth is that it is all about you, and necessarily so. You see, “you” is the frame of reference by which you exist and act and define all things, absolutely. Take away “you”, and there is nothing else, for you would have lost the very thing necessary to give all else any relevancy and purpose in the first place.

In other words,  without YOU, there is no frame of reference by which you can define what “greater thing” it is to which you are told to sacrifice yourself. And without out a frame of reference, there is no definition of the thing; and without a definition of WHAT, there is no WHY. And with no why, there can be no sacrifice.

Sacrifice of self then…is a lie.

Hey Frank, Liars by NATURE Can’t Pretend

Franklin Graham: ‘Men Pretending to Be Women’ Should Not Use Women’s Restrooms”

Well, if humanity is naturally depraved, then (also by nature) they lack the epistemological sufficiency to apprehend truth. In which case, Graham can’t make the argument that transgenders are pretending anything. In fact, since truth is a function of God’s elective revelation (God chooses you; you don’t choose God, so the Protestants teach), then those who act according to their sinful nature do so because God hasn’t caused their enlightenment. In which case, by Graham’s own doctrine, transgenderism and the “evil” it afflicts upon society is really all God’s fault.

Here’s a better tweet:

Stop listening to Pastors who condemn people according to a doctrine which makes such condemnation hypocritical and rationally impossible.

Graham needs to quite his fake job and go do something else. Anything else. I hear California now has a $15 minimum wage.