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Democrats and Republicans (Liberals and Conservatives) are not the Same, but they are Two Sides of the Same Authoritarian Coin

Political parties are little more than the illusion that somehow there is a difference in ruling classes.

There isn’t.

The bromide of political parties lulls the people into thinking that there are people in government who are on their side; who care about them, and who wish to direct government towards their ultimate well-being.

There aren’t.

Political parties all mean the same thing: Authority. and Authority is force. And force is violence. And that violence is always directed from the ruling class to the people. Period. They are the rulers, you are the ruled. What you want, what you care about, what you feel, what you believe are always subject to the authority of the state. That is the nature of law and the government which is the incarnation of the law. Law commands, it does not negotiate, it does not cooperate, it does not compromise. The law dictates, and you obey or you are punished. It is as simple as that. You can dress it up in tales and fantasies of representation and democracy and free elections., but you cannot escape the absolute fact that it is a contradiction in terms to clam that you can freely choose those who will rule you. If you can choose between candidate A and candidate B but there is no option for NO candidate and NO office, then your choice is an illusion. The purpose of the State and the political class is to rule you…how that might look based upon the party initial tagged after a politician’s name is purely window dressing. In the end, it all becomes the same same-tyranny. This is why no mater how many democrats or republicans we elect in this country the slide towards plenary state control over all facets of individual life proceeds unhindered, year after year, day after day, election after election. It is not you and and the republicans politicians versus the democrats, or you and the democrat politicians versus the republicans. It is you versus the ruling class. It is them and us. That is the only real and true distinction.

Yet this does not mean that conservatives and liberals represent the exact same type of philosophical thinking…at least at the less fundamental levels. The outcome of the governance is truly the same tyranny, but this is because neither group understands that the logical conclusion of their philosophical assumptions cannot be achieved by the State. So, in an attempt to create that square circle, they contorts and manipulate the State into the chaotic totalitarian monster that it always becomes in end, and the entire thing inevitably collapses, and the ruling class is left scratching their heads and wondering what in the hell went wrong.

I will tell you.

It all has to do with how conservatives and liberals view human nature…their metaphysical assumptions about man. Liberals assume that man is fundamentally depraved, and utterly unsuited to his own existence. Man is born absent the natural capacity to apprehend truth, and because of that, he lacks the ability to exercise his will in service to morality and virtue. Or, man is born absent the ability to do goodness, even if he apprehends truth. It really doesn’t matter, because it means the same thing: man cannot be trusted to work out his own existence based solely upon his own existential merits. If left to himself, man will collapse into an ocean of vice and murder and exploitation and self-destruction. Therefore, a mystical priest class of philosopher kings who are somehow transcendently enlightened must force the barbarian masses into right thinking and right actions, via laws which they will obey under penalty of torment and death.

The problem is that because it is human nature which is flawed, meaning that man at his most basic and fundamental existential level is utterly insufficient for his own existence, the philosopher kings and their governments must ultimately fail in their supreme goal of saving man from himself, and fail to create a perfect utopia of morality and virtue (whatever that is to look like based upon the political convenience of the time, e.g. a Workers Utopia, a Social Justice Utopia, an Aryan Utopia, etc.).

The only fix for a mankind which is utterly flawed at its very existential root is not to have been born at all. Man is evil BECAUSE he exists—this is the only true metaphysical premise one can conclude from the assumption of man’s natural insufficiency to truth and morality. Therefore the control of man by the State must extend all the way to the very root of man’s existence. The State must BECOME man for him. In other words, man is annihilated instead of ushered into the moral utopia. The State destroys him instead of saving him.

This is the liberal failure.

Now, conservatives are like liberals in their metaphysical assumption about the nature of man, but their assumptions regarding man’s natural depravity are implicit, rather than explicit. This is why liberals and conservatives are not the same thing separated only by superficial semantics, but are instead like two sides of the same coin. The same but different, you could say.

Conservatives assert, and actually do believe to an extent, that the individual is sacrosanct in his essence. They claim the intrinsic natural worth of the individual, and thus make at the very least an implicit claim that man is by nature capable of truth and thus of pursuing moral virtue in and of himself. In other words, man is not considered by conservatives to be a failure to his own existence…at least not explicitly, as the liberals do. They see man as inherently able in and of himself, and yet, man alone still cannot achieve the kind of moral, harmonious existence which allows him to express his worthy nature.

But why is this? If man is of himself capable of truth and morality, then what is his stumbling block?

In conservative metaphysics, as far as I can deduce, the problem isn’t man himself, but man’s environment that poses the insurmountable barrier to his existential success. Man’s inherent virtue finds no soil on earth, because the environment (however that happens to be defined…sometimes it’s defined as the hinderances of evil men, or the hinderances of the natural world, or the limitations of man’s own physical or intellectual powers) is utterly prohibitive of his success, being entirely incompatible (again for a plethora of reasons, as the times make convenient to the conservative ruling class) with man’s nature, though nan’s nature be fundamentally good.

This is where the conservative version of government comes in. The point of the State is to allow—and this is a very, very important term…it is the crux of conservative hypocrisy—for the actual efficacy of man’s capable nature. Man is free to exercise his own mind and will and values only after the State has instituted decrees and has underwritten these decrees with laws which allow him to do so. Those decrees are known as “rights”, and they do not meaningfully and efficaciously exist without the State.

What this means is that the right of man to freely express himself upon his environment can and will be violated without the presence of the State to ensure that the environment accommodates man. This makes “rights” something non-inherent and endemic to mans existence, itself. Rights are institutionalized and rendered meaningful by the State, and these rights are the only effective hedge for man against an environment which will ineluctably annihilate him without the institutionalized acknowledgement of man’s rights, and the implicit violence, through the law, that the State exercises in service to them.

And here is where the conservative metaphysical failure converges with the liberal one. Here is where the coin is forged.

In both instances man’s effective moral existence utterly depends upon the State…man must be accommodated to his own existence by the coercive violent Authority of the ruling class. The left does it by forcing man into his environment, and the right does it by forcing the environment into man. And the difference HERE is of course purely semantic. It is two different ways of saying the same thing. Man’s nature and the environment in which he finds himself are entirely antithetical to one another, and the ruling class exists to force a union between them by coercive violence called “the Law”.

Conservatives will tell you that their brand of government allows you to live free. But “allowing” and “freedom” are mutually exclusive political concepts. You are not free to do that which you are ALLOWED to do by one who has the power and authority to nullify that behavior should they deem it necessary. To be allowed to do something implies authority by its very definition, and living under authority is NOT freedom. It is the utter opposite of freedom. Conservatives allowing people to live free quickly becomes conservatives dictating just what freedom shall look like.

The logical conclusion of liberal ruling class metaphysics is the categorical death of man; the logical conclusion of conservative ruling class metaphysics is the same, it’s just that conservative metaphysics take the scenic route—man’s categorical death is implicit, rather than explicit. The nod to man’s fundamental natural ability to apprehend truth and exercise that truth in service to morality implies that man should be free, in the true sense of the word. Man, because he possesses a natural ability to work out his own existence by the qualities he is born with, need NOT be governed at all, and his natural state is freedom—not under law, not under force, not under authority. But this state of man is of course completely opposed to government, which includes a conservative government, which includes the conservative ruling class. This of course cannot and will not be tolerated by the conservative ruling class, and so this class winds up looking and acting just like every other ruling class:

As tyrants.

In both the liberal and conservative cases, the utopia they promise the masses never materializes, and the masses are left exploited, tortured, and murdered..


There Will Be No 2020 Presidential Election (Conclusion): What can we expect?

The way I see it, there is no scenario where Trump can (be allowed to) win, and, as far as the ruling class is concerned, no reason that Biden should. You see, if Trump wins, then the leftist rage mobs and left wing domestic terrorist organizations like ANTIFA will have their insanity pricked, and they will put brick to window, flame to building, and club to skull all over the nation, an worse. Local law enforcement authorities will do nothing, of course, and will stand down, just like they did all summer when leftist tempers raged across America. The violence and destruction will leave the ruling class with much less to actually rule, and will weaken the perception of government’s ability to actually manage the nation. This could lead to outright rebellion by the leftist rank and file, and attempts to overthrown the current ruling class en masse. This is something the ruling class absolutely does not want…they do not want a complete shift in power. They are very much committed to the facade of the “United States of America”—they have entirely to much invested in this narrative. They are not looking for a new name and a new flag, to put it bluntly. The re-election of Donald Trump, then, is something which they simply cannot allow to happen. And they won’t. They are not looking for power coups, and secession fights, and more “Capitol Hill Free Zones” in cities across the nation.

Yet a victory for Joe Biden is likewise not in the interest of the ruling class, but for different reasons, of course. The ruling class, though they are not looking for a categorical change in government, do not want it to proceed normally, either. And they do not evn really want the appearance of normality. The US Constitution has been overtly and indefinitely suspended on purpose, and this to help create an atmosphere among the people of permanent crisis, confusion, and uncertainty. The ruling class uses this permanent “crisis mode” to massively expand its power over all aspects of human existence, under the guise of “emergency powers” which we are told will be rescinded once the crisis has abated. Of course the ruling class obviously has no interest in the crisis being over, so it never is.

To this end then, the ruling class will use this presidential election to perpetuate the national crisis zeitgeist. The election of Biden, legitimately or illegitimately, presents an image of government functionality to the people, of law and order, of normalcy, and thus of hope. This kind of thing is decidedly NOT conducive to promoting an endless crisis mentality, and so the ruling class cannot allow it. The ruling class does not want you to feel hope. It wants fear, and panic, because frightened, panicking people tend to trade lots and lots of freedom for government “security” in the form of totalitarian law.

Additionally, if Biden assumes office, then the ruling class loses its greatest politcal asset: an omnipresent excuse fo undermine and dismantle every aspect of American tradition, and to obliterate every vestige of enlightenment representative government in order to replace it with a Marxist totalitarian “social justice utopia”. The American tradition of a free and democratic society where the law is no respecter of persons is being summarily eradicated in the name of saving the world from The Most Dangerous Nazi of all Time, Donald “KKK” Trump.

The best possibly outcome of this election for the ruling class is for Donald Trumpt to remain in office as nominal president…that is, to remain in office but stripped, perhaps even just implicitly so, I submit, of any actual executive power. This, I further submit, is what we will most likely see happen. Trump will remain the nominal president, while the election results, such as they are, are left to decay in permanent bureaucratic limbo. Trump’s position will be at the very least implicitly illegitimate—a “placeholder”, or a “bench warmer”, or a “figure head”, he will be called—and the masses will be conditioned to reject Trump as having any legitimate authority whatsoever. Kind of like now, but more so. Trump will exist purely as an official excuse for the ruling class to govern as an autocracy. The three-legged stool of Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government will be left with only two. and thus it will topple, being left with zero.


There Will Be No 2020 Presidential Election (Part TWO): It’s all about the left

People interested in a free and democratic election—those who wish to see the republic continue as it has, and can respect the outcomes of legitimate, corruption-free elections, regardless of who wins, without completely losing their shit—are, simply put, not a threat to the ruling class. They haven’t been a threat for a long, long time…not since the American Revolution have American patriots, which we would consider the conservative and libertarian voters today, really terrified the ruling class. instead, these “patriots” are those who sat by and watched as state governors and their “public health “ officials (lackeys) suspended indefinitely the United States Constitution, almost literally overnight, becasue of a comparatively harmless respiratory illness which was contorted and massaged into a “national public health crisis” by leftist politicians and their big media comrades for explicit and obvious political convenience. And these are the same “patriots” who, in spite of clearly tyrannical government overreach, now do little more than figurativelyl waggle their fingers in the general direction of the left and amateurishly warn, “Just wait until Trump gets re-elected in November”, as if the same government and governors who easily and openly suspended every basic freedom and right guaranteed by the Constitution with the stroke of a pen is somehow powerless to stop the nation’s free election process.

This, my friends, is the great elevation of hope over reason.

If these “patriots”, these conservative voters, wanted to save the country, the time to speak up was back in March of this year. Now it is entirely too late. The republic is dead, and it has assumed room temperature, and it is well past the opportunity to resuscitate it.

Clearly a ruling class who can brazenly suspend the US Constitution with absolutely no consequence except a massive overnight expansion of authoritarian power, and the wealth to match, is willing to suspend the free election process, which only requires a smidge of grease and a wiggle to throw it into the chaos it is constantly teetering on the brink of anyway. And make no mistake, the ruling class WILL suspend the election, one way or another, because they can, because no one will do anything about it, and they know this…and if they can, they WILL. Free elections are always an obstacle to power, NEVER a benefit. It is perpetually in the interest of the ruling class to eradicate them, and they will always take any opportunity to do so. It is their nature. Like a dog will bark and a bird will sing, the ruling class WILL become tyrannical when given the opportunity. And that opportunity is clearly now.


Since the voters on the right are of no concern to the ruling class, because they are scared and complacent, because they have been conditioned to be so, this election is really all about the voters on the left, who are decidedly not scared or complacent, as exhibited by their enthusiastic willingness to loot, burn, murder, and violently commandeer whole sections of major American cities at the slightest, dubious offense against their arrantly Marxist politics and their infantile sense of entitlement.

And it just so happens that these leftist hoards of violent, deranged ideologues aren’t really all that interested in free elections, anyway. They are solidly of the Marxist totalitarian political pedigree, and favor a supremely violent, all-powerful communist State Authority to compell by bomb, bullet, and jackboot everyone and everything in service to a mass psychosis they cutely and un-ironically call “Social Justice”. Which is precisely what they are going to get, and are getting, and so are we, because as it turns out, this is also what what the ruling class wants, including Republicans—even though they will never admit it to themselves. Republicans are ruling class , too. They are hopeless. Put no faith in them. It is a waste of time. If you don’t believe me, I have a place called CHAZ and the ashes of a Constitution to show you. All this while Trump, who is touted as the savior of America, is in office.

So the leftist voters, who are the only ones that matter, don’t want free elections and neither does the ruling class. Ergo, carry the one, subtract the two…there will be no 2020 presidential election.


There Will Be No 2020 Presidential Election: How Covid-19 collapsed the American Republic

The ostensible purpose of elections in a representative democracy like the United States is to allow citizens to participate in government. The election of public representatives to positions of government power is the citizen’s direct line to the State…it keeps them literally invested in and connected to the process of government, and to government institutions. For elections to be both possible and meaningful then, there are two simple prerequisites:

  1. The representative democracy must be intact and functional (e.g. it cannot be, say, sold out to a globalist totalitarian oligarchy).
  2. The citizens of the representative democracy must actually want to participate in government (e.g they do not want to be ruled over by a globalist totalitarian oligarchy, and such a thing actually bothers them).

Here then we have arrived at the answer to the question clearly begged by the title of this article. The question is, of course: Why will there be no presidential election in 2020?

Because of two reasons:

  1. The representative democracy which was the United States is no longer intact and functional.
  2. The people of the United States do not actually want to participate in government (despite many of them claiming the contrary).

Now, I know those two answers, though complete and to the point, leave a lot to be desired, so I will expand.

The government of the United States no longer acknowledges its most foundational document, the Constitution, the document which underwrites the entirety of the republic—what it is, what it does, what it means, and its purpose. The government, by rejecting the Constitution has rejected the nation’s root philosophical principles, and thus has dismissed the entire existential frame of reference for the United States. This violates free-election prerequisite number one.

As to the second prerequisite, it is clearly evident by the ear-splitting non-response of the American public to the almost categorical and indefinite suspension of basic constitutional rights back in March of this year, in service to a dubious and shockingly ill-defined “public health emergency” known as the Covid-19 “pandemic”, that the citizens of the United States no longer have any interest in participating in their own governance. American citizens were all too happy to exchange their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms for governance by rank executive order, and face masks. This violates free-election prerequisite number two.

The shift from a representative republic to a thinly veiled autocracy ruled by a globalist plutocracy of big tech, big media, big finance, and others, occurred almost literally overnight. In the name of “public health—and the irony should not be lost on anyone—the US Constitution was summarily suspended, and this indefinitely, and so by logical extension the democracy which it specifically ordained was likewise summarily and indefinitely suspended.


We should ask ourselves, “What would be the point of a presidential election in 2020?” The answer is of course that there is NO point, and there can be no point. As stated, in order for a free election in a representative democracy to happen, much less matter, the citizens must desire to participate and thus must always make it known in no uncertain terms that they will simply not tolerate any overtures towards a ruling class coup to overthrow their legally guaranteed rights and replace them with the kind of command-and-control autocracy that ALL ruling classes desire at heart. The citizen should never seek cooperation with the ruling class as a duty or objective, but should always hold it in deep suspicion, with a critical and threatening eye. The State is a ferocious wild animal that will kill its master should that master let his guard down for but a moment.

However, this is simply not how the American citizen relates to his government these days. Rather, the American citizen stands idly by as the State strips him of every meaningful right and privilege he has, in service to…well, basically anything the State desires. The citizen of the United States has assumed the role of slave to the ruling class, and a slave he shall be. Through the conveyance of a completely contrived and massively overstated “ public health crisis” Americans have indicated that they are all too happy to be ruled and enslaved “for their own good”, and the ruling class has indicated that it is all to happy to oblige them.

No election will take place because no election is possible.