If You Really Care About Who Gets Elected, Reject FORCE as a Means to Socially Organize Humanity, and Become a Voluntarist

Despite the claims that one candidate is more or less libertarian than the other (a “classic liberal”–that is, a small government advocate) it is important to remember that due to the nature of the State, or a centralized governing Authority (which is merely a monopoly of force–violence to compel individual behavior on a mass scale), or, more precisely, the human metaphysical premise upon which the State is based–that man, by his nature (i.e. his tendency to evil, where “evil” is defined by referencing morality to the collective which the State “represents”) MUST be governed–yes, it is important to remember that the election of any representative is merely another hash mark on the evolutionary line of inevitable totalitarianism. To be concerned over one political candidate versus another, while ostensibly relevant, is merely to concede cognitive dissonance as the plumb line for political and/or moral truth.

The fact is that as soon as the State is inserted (and it must be inserted, never volunteered or freely admitted) it does not ultimately matter who is elected…for the very presence of the State must necessarily subordinate the individual to a reality where truth and morality are a function of force (violence) at the hands of the Authority and not understanding or will.

Here’s why (one of several reasons):

There’s no such thing as the integration of behavior by choice, and behavior by force. Mutually exclusive concepts cannot be practically applied. This is precisely why human epistemology is meaningful and matters! It’s not subjective. You cannot manifest a contradiction because that categorically undermines the relevancy and efficacy of human knowledge. And further, it is summarily impossible to even CONCEIVE of a contradiction to practically apply in the first place! And that is the cognitive root of the disaster.

So…if you are really worried about who is going to be elected to represent “the people”, reject the abstraction (the “people”, the “nation”, the “common or collective good”, the “race”, the “church”, etc.); reject its agent of force (at the philosophical level), which is the State or the Rulers, or the Authority; reject voting for the deceptive pretense of violent coercion which it is, and become a rank voluntarist.

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