Would it be Inappropriate to Suggest That the Charleston, SC Shooting is Just Too Convenient?

I suppose it is merely a coincidence that just as the “racial identity” conversation regarding white NAACP chapter president, Rachel Dolezal, (who successfully masqueraded as black for several years), was getting interesting, with the potential of philosophically redefining all racial politics in this country, we get the Charleston, SC shooting. A shooting which comes complete with a young, white, blond-haired, male, uber-racist, bearing a frightening, psychotic, kill-em-all scowl, a seething racist “manifesto”, and a portfolio absolutely buxom with Confederate-flag-waving scenes…a vault of hateful images to rival even the most prolific of Ku Klux Klan propagandists. And I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the conversation has now shifted back to the same old, tired, yet dependable, rile-up-the-base demagoguery of arguments concerning public displays of the confederate flag, institutional and systemic racism, and gun control.

Yes…I’m sure I’m way off base thinking that there is anything more here than what the news is telling me

7 thoughts on “Would it be Inappropriate to Suggest That the Charleston, SC Shooting is Just Too Convenient?

  1. Yeah, you must be waayyy off base. It is the news dude! The news never lies or distorts or misleads. They are objective . . . always and forever. Who can doubt their sincerity? How dare you even imply such a thing. You must hate black people.

  2. John,

    I know. I am googling “sensitivity training” in my area right now.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the victims. Avatars of moral purity, unsuspecting and black (minorities, of course, true to their perfect and benevolent nature, always giving the white devil the benefit of the doubt), openly welcome in this clearly disturbed white aryan male into their prayer group, only to be betrayed like Judas, and preyed upon mercilessly by this same white bigot, who is obviously little more than an inevitable product of endemic American racist values, most chief among them the abomination of public displays of southern battle flags (apparently the first national confederate flag, so assiduously displayed on Georgia’s current state flag, is perfectly acceptable…figure that one out) and the incongruent constitutional dissonance of the right to bear arms…clearly a product of abject white desire, now merely repressed in society, to gun down the black race into oblivion at every whim and turn.

  3. What about the newly converted Black Muslim in OK that minutes before he beheaded a white coworker said he hates all white people?

    Basically the talk was he was mentally ill. Not a racist. (sigh)

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