Things That Are TRUE and Things That Are GOOD Are Not Known in a Vacuum: Why things cannot be true or good unless there is an OBJECTIVE and NON-RELATIVE answer to “why?”

As those of you who read here regularly already likely understand, I maintain that the only way to call truth TRUTH and good GOOD in any reasonable and efficacious way is to define a plumb-line…a STANDARD by which anything we concede as TRUTH and GOOD can be measured against.  And that without this standard there can be no such actual thing as TRUTH or GOOD.  That is, anything we declare to “know” or “believe” can only be TRUE and GOOD if it can be rationally known as perpetuating and affirming the standard.  Without those things which we concede as GOOD and TRUE being understood within the context the objective standard, there is simply no way to actually (rationally/objectively) know whether anything is actually GOOD or TRUE.

Let me define what I mean when I say GOOD and TRUTH, in terms of the overarching philosophical concepts.

TRUTH refers to those things we say are true and those things we say are not true.  What I mean by this is that some true things are truly true and other true things are truly NOT true.  For example, “the sky is full of air” is truly true, while “the sky is full of chocolate pudding” is truly NOT true.  The knowledge catalog of TRUTH contains those things which can be actually known as true and false (truly NOT true) in order that man may properly define and organize his environment.


Well, the why is the standard of TRUTH and GOOD (by which they are known), which is the point I am getting to.

GOOD refers to those things we say are good and those things we say are not good.  And what I mean by this is that some things we understand as “good to know” are truly good, while some things we understand as “good to know” are truly NOT good.  For example, walking on the sidewalk is GOOD; and walking in traffic is NOT good.  Both of these things are truly GOOD to know, but one concept–walking on the sidewalk–is GOOD, and the other–walking in traffic–is NOT good; one is morally a good thing and one is morally (morality defined in this case as maintaining one’s life) a NOT good thing.

You see, there is more to knowledge than what is true or false; the flip side of of the epistemology coin is the moral implication of that knowledge.  Knowing things objectively and non-relatively means that those things which are known–that is, defined as this or that–will also contain some moral imperative; either they will be known as good things or as bad things, in accordance with the moral standard, which is the same as the knowledge standard.  And in both cases, whether the thing is known as objectively good or objectively bad (objectivity being established, again, by the standard) the knowledge, broadly speaking in terms of the concept of GOOD, is good to know.  Ergo, the concept of morality I prefer to label as GOOD; while the concept of definitive (objective) knowledge I prefer to label as TRUTH.

Both the good and the NOT good are GOOD to know, and to know reasonably, because proper moral understanding is efficacious to maintaining and affirming and perpetuating the standard.  The standard being the “why” things are actually good and actually true.


Okay, so what is the standard?  Those of you who are at least somewhat familiar with my philosophy will likely know the answer to this already.  And to be honest, it is the only answer possible.  There is no other answer which can in any way be reasonably defended, or rationally explained or defined.

The standard I am speaking of is HUMAN LIFE.  HUMAN EXISTENCE on the level of the individual, singular, SELF of you, and me, and everyone else who exists and shares the same inherent and autonomous ability of self-aware consciousness.  And you should understand that any Christian who concedes this wholly rational and objective standard will almost certainly be labeled as an unsaved, unbiblical, anti-Christ heretic who undoubtedly is “preaching another gospel” and as such is eternally accursed.  Agree with me at your own risk.  You want to see brother against brother, mother against daughter in law, and the like?  Try proclaiming YOURSELF as the infinite standard of morality and truth, as a child of God, able to define God as God and God as Good and SELF thus as good because you first exist to do so, making your existence the prerequisite for the efficacious truth of anything, even God.  And watch them flee.  Watch them light the fires and prepare the s’mores.  And then try to convince them that it is the height of humility to acknowledge the moral standard of SELF, because it means you can define God rationally, and thus understand His place of Honor effectively.  Good luck with that.  It is a thankless, uphill slog, and it must happen in the short time between when you first express your ideas and when they write you off as a hopeless apostate they want little if anything to do with.

Better yet…maybe you should just do what you’re used to.  Do what’s comfortable.  I mean, we have “orthodoxy” to rely on, after all.  Surely God will be happy with that, no matter how many children are raped and hapless lives wrecked in the name of “sound doctrine”, right?

No?  So be it.

Thus it goes when you try to introduce reason to mysticism.  And that is what Christianity is.  Christianity, except for a distressingly tiny handful of us –and I say that not arrogantly, but sadly and exasperatedly and matter-of-factly–is full blown mysticism these days.  Go around the world.  Scour the internet; the books; catechisms of the medieval “revelators”; talk amongst the pastors and priests of any denomination you like.  That’s fine…take all the time you need.   Just don’t check your Bible…well, unless you approach it with the false and evil interpretive concepts they almost all do.  For if you look at your Bible with an objective eye upon the rational standard of human life, you might actually see that Jesus Christ was a human being who was God.  If this doesn’t convince you that HUMAN life is fully capable of being an objective standard of TRUTH and GOOD then nothing will.  Well…almost nothing.

I am living proof that drowning in a sea of evil theology need not be permanent.  That rebirth is possible.  During the throws of confusion and anxiety which followed me and my family’s separating from Sovereign Grace Ministries (an entity dedicated to dark ages Christianity, Calvinist hedonism and wicked theology, and believes that FORCE and AUTHORITY are the plumb line for spiritual “truth”) I found myself contemplating returning to that crucible of evil ideas out of sheer stress.  And in the midst of this I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me in an audible voice and He said, “You have Me; you do not need them”.

And I never looked back.  And that?  Was the beginning of my understanding.  You see, a little after hearing those words I decided that God must be rationally explained; that any theology which rested upon a foundation of “who the fuck knows; its all a mystery at the end of the day” could not possibly be true.  And that if the Creator Himself was not able to be defined rationally and consistently (objectively) then man’s epistemology was doomed, and faith was completely wrecked.  I understood that blind faith was really NO faith.  That madness and the LACK of TRUTH could not pass for TRUTH and faith without impugning God; without relegating Him into the same corner as every other false god and foolish religion man had ever conjured up in his ultimately empty, pointless mind.  Now, I would be lying if I said I was on the brink of giving up  my faith.  Truly, I knew that the Lord had answered prayers in my younger days so clearly; so apparently and actually that that alone, I was convinced, would make my walking away from the faith even LESS rational than concluding that it could only be explained by “mystery”.  This is testament to teaching people about Christ as early as possible.  Because God indeed responds to the faith of children.  He NEVER disappointed me.  Not once that I can recall.  It is amazing that when you concede that you ARE, and that God IS, and that there is a mutual exchange of value based upon the rational notion that BOTH have freedom of the mind to define and know the other in truth and reason, how God will respond to that.  It was only when I began to sink in the quicksand of SGM’s determinist lie that the answers stopped.  They stopped because I no longer had a definition for ME, for mySELF.  And God will not hear the prayers of the unbeliever.  Because believing in God means that you must believe in the TRUTH of the SELF; and this means valuing the SELF as God’s supreme creation.  And if you cannot answer the question “what are you?” (what is man?) then it is impossible to answer the question “what is God?”.  And that is why I fear so greatly for the salvation of those who have given themselves over to the despotism and lie which passes for Christianity these days. I was once asked if I was a Universalist.  I laughed…not because I was surprised, you see.  You must understand that when you believe the things that I believe (that faith must be rooted in reason, and all TRUTH must be rooted in individual SELF/LIFE) you get confused with all kinds of things.  First it was that I was Arminian.  But then I explained I didn’t know anything about Arminianism because I had been a fucking Calvinist all my life.  Then it was Universalist.  Then it was probably some other thing I don’t know anything about, and now it’s just heretic or “idiot”.  Whatev.  Like I said, try to introduce reason into matters of “faith” when that faith is rooted in rank mysticism which looks more like a Hindu Caste system than anything resembling what Christ or Moses taught and get ready for some serious frothing.

And we think we are so much better than the hoards which stormed the Bastille or burned fake witches in Salem or dunked wives in ponds for “back-talking husbands” to the point of drowning in rural Pennsylvania or drove a generation of innocent Jews to the gas chambers or commit “honor” killings in the name of Allah.  (“Honor killing”?  Now there’s a contradiction in terms.)  What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

But anyway, I laughed at being labeled a Universalist because if anything, I explained, I believe there will be far fewer people in heaven than we think.  That the “mansion with many rooms” is going to have…well, not that many rooms, relatively speaking, and won’t be as big as we imagine.

Deep down though, I was confident that my faith would not come to mystery; because if the understanding of my Creator was ultimately rooted in mystery–which is just a euphemism for “shrug”–then I could not know myself.  That ALL I observe, including the SELF of ME, is an illusion.  And you know what?  An illusion cannot be aware of an illusion.  That is a rational impossibility.  I  knew that I WAS.  And if I was, then God WAS.  And HOW He was and I was could not be rooted in mystery, because mystery is nothing but an illusion when we speak of matters of reality and metaphysical essence.  If I was me and God was God then I knew it was all a matter of reason…of logically reconcilable assumptions which would lead to the rationally explainable need for a Creator and a Savior.  And once I conceded that, it was just a matter of thinking about things..about all the questions that remained unanswered or “paradoxical” (which they aren’t, they are contradictions), and not assuming that since all this shit had already been “done before”, and that “people have tried to figure this out for centuries” it therefore must be impossible to know…as if the fact that Christians haven’t developed a rational understanding of their faith yet is relevant in any way.  It’s only relevance is that it illustrates just how far we have to go and why so much of the world flees our bullshit in droves.  The “we can’t really know, because it’s been tried before and we’ve always failed” mantra is a rank, intellectually lazy cop out.  It is much easier to throw your hands up and cry “mystery”.  “All is mystery!”.

Except when it isn’t.

Except when you are having panic attacks and debilitating anxiety and it’s all rooted in the assumption that someone who cannot define himself on a metaphysical level as rationally existing with rational reasons why and rational conclusions as to how cannot possibly know that this anxiety is BAD, and is not “God’s will”.  And its fucking hard if not impossible to get better if you think it is likely, in your determinist assumptions, that God WANTS it this way.

And that’s when I realized that all of that was wrong.  That if I was determined and God wanted it this way then good and evil had no real definition.  Right and wrong, true and false could not be known or defined.  And if that was true, then God had no business being believed in, so there was really no God who could “want it this way”, or to have “determined it”.  Because if I couldn’t know right and wrong from good and bad or true and false because ALL things were determined by a “sovereign” God according to His “sovereign grace” then God could have no definition because there was no such thing as me knowing anything.  Everything I knew was determined, and as such, there was no ME thinking it, because there was no ME.  I was DETERMINED.  Which meant that my consciousness was a lie, which mean that God was a lie, too.  Determinism, not God, was God…so to speak.  You see, if all is determined then all thoughts are determined.  And that means you have no choice but to think what you think and believe what you believe.  Which means that there is no YOU, because without the ability to choose what you will believe you cannot declare that it is YOU believing.  Even your very notions of SELF are nothing more than an extension of the determinist force.

So I began to develop, for the first time since I was little and prayed God prayers that He actually answered, a rational sense of SELF.  A sense of my own consciousness and that it was mine.  Mine alone.  Mine to BE, and with it I chose to think what I thought and believe what I believed.  And if I WAS, rationally, then I understood something even more profound and something more important:

The fact that I was, was ABSOLUTE.  It was the singularity of my entire SELF.  Me, existing, was the singular and infinite source of everything I was and everything I saw and all truth and all good that I conceded.  The fact that I existed was even the source–the vehicle–for knowing God.  Which meant that God’s practical existence depended first on MY existence and being aware of it; that I had to BE, first, before God or anything else had any relevance or meaning. And that this awareness and being had to be autonomous and independent or it could not be defined as anything but an extension of the determining force, which made me a lie, which meant that I could not possibly know God, because determinism is absolute, and as such removes even God from His place.  All there is is determinism.  Period.  Full stop.

And that is when it hit me.  The root of all truth and morality stares at each one of us in the mirror every morning.  Our efficacious, root existential, metaphysical SELF is the source of all we know and all that exists.  Why?  Because if it doesn’t exist to US, then it cannot be qualified as existing, period.  Without YOU, there is no way for you to know anything; and if you don’t know anything, you cannot argue for the existence of anything…anything at all, even God.

Thus, YOU (and me, and him and her, and all of us individual SELVES) are the objective standard by which all things are properly defined, and properly and efficaciously known to be TRUE and GOOD, even God.  And for those of you who cannot accept this, so be it.  But you must understand…and I DEFY you to refute this…you must understand that there is no other rational standard.  There is nothing you can concede, there is nothing you can say, there is no way to reject or deny my standard without automatically contradicting your own argument.  Why?  Because the prerequisite for you disagreeing with me is–like it is the prerequisite for anything else–YOU.  YOU must EXIST FIRST before you can “know” I am wrong, and declare to me that SELF is not a requirement for the TRUTH and GOOD of anything we know, even God.  And that automatically makes your counter argument a hypocrisy. 


The standard is the human SELF.  It is the standard because it is the prerequisite for knowledge and belief.  All knowledge and understanding is a direct function of the actual IS of man.  And this is why the root of moral perfection and truth is man’s life, and not anything else.  Not even God.  God is known as TRUE and GOOD because man first EXISTS to know it…and even if you cry “revelation!” you must concede that man must posses an inherent ability to be revealed to.  Man must exist first, before he can be “given” the divine knowledge.  Existence cannot proceed revelation!  That’s simply impossible.  If there is nothing or no one to reveal to, then revelation is not only pointless but it is not revelation at all, by definition.

So the human SELF is the standard.  It is why anything can be good or true.  And if that offends some, I really don’t care.  I’m tired of caring…because I’m tired of being called an idiot and a heretic, or that my ideas are unbiblical and lies by people who have no standard of truth, which makes them hypocrites of the worst kind.  How dare they declare me a blasphemer when they cannot even rationally define God because they have murdered Him and themselves upon the altar of their false religion…of their “sound doctrine”.

I have no kind words for people like this.  And there is no limit to the invective I maintain for their ideas.  They are the seeds of despotism…and they worship the murder of humanity as the greatest and only moral “good”.  He who has no answer for “what is man?” is the worst kind of liar.

19 thoughts on “Things That Are TRUE and Things That Are GOOD Are Not Known in a Vacuum: Why things cannot be true or good unless there is an OBJECTIVE and NON-RELATIVE answer to “why?”

  1. “why”
    occurs 282 times in 261 verses in the KJV.

    i think maybe Jesus said it best,

    Luk 12:57

    Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right?

    hey argo,i get what your saying for the most part,i think,lol.givin that i dont know jack about philosophy really,and all your positions.just to let you know,your preachin to the chior so far,lol.anyway,in my study of total depravity,and your basic point if man is irrelevent than so is salvation,really,what is the value of a human soul?i think the bible answers that pretty clearly.and i guess you can conclude that pertains to life also.and i was called a palagian just a little while ago in a chat room,lol,of coarse for comparing calvinism with gnosticism.i posted one of my go to verses,pro 14:15,the simple believe every word.makes you wonder if people think at all,really.interesting story about hearing an audible voice,seeing how i hav a story of my own.and that being the foundation of my beliefs,which so far as i can tell are reasonable and rational,lol.rom 10:17 faith comes by hearing,heb 11:1,faith is evidence of things not seen.hmm one thing though,the words i heard are in the letters from the kjv,word for word.hmm rev 3:20 my fav lol, anyway good stuff dude thnx

  2. Gricketson,

    LOL! You were called a Pelegian? That’s great! That is one of the first things I was accused of. I forgot to mention that in the article above. Thanks for the reminder!

    “If man is irrelevant then so is salvation” is an EXCELLENT way of putting it. I don’t think I have ever stated it so succinctly. I wish I had, lol.

  3. “And once I conceded that, it was just a matter of thinking about things..about all the questions that remained unanswered or “paradoxical” (which they aren’t, they are contradictions), and not assuming that since all this shit had already been “done before”, and that “people have tried to figure this out for centuries” it therefore must be impossible to know…as if the fact that Christians haven’t developed a rational understanding of their faith yet is relevant in any way.z”

    The question we should ask ourselves is what took so long? As an example, why did it take so long for a group of guys to declare individual worth. Life Liberty adn the Pursuit of happiness? Government of and by the people? (they did not get it all right but their very words ensured there would be a war on slavery without them realizng it!) Do we realize how long it took after Christ to get there? (And we have many Neo Cals saying our revolution was sinful for defying authority God set up…mangling that verse to mean we should follow Hitler?)

    Because of our sub par education system, we have a few generations who do not realize how radical the idea of individual liberty with no monarch or pope or Calvin–was at the time.

    The individual, the self was worthy and important. And instead of a government of rulers it was to be a government of law.

    Jesus was for the regnum (as Verduin terms it) Jesus was for a composite society. That is how one is a light. A city on a hill. The worth of the individual. A true love relationship where we are free to choose.

    We have sadly chosen the collective over the individual. We have it coming from both sides, Argo. The collectivist church and government.

  4. I” was DETERMINED. Which meant that my consciousness was a lie, which mean that God was a lie, too”

    Wow. This is where He got me. I had to decide. Did my conscious lie to me? Why did I have such a keen gut instinct for justice…even in very small things. I absolutely despise injustice. I had to make a conscious decision (no pun intended) whether I would ignore it and believe them or seek more on what is truth. How this God thing works in our lives. It has been the most fascinating, exhilerating journey ever. Some folks watch tv. This is what I do.

    Oh they tried to make me beleive them: Scripture says your heart is wicked. (proof textng the OT!) And quite a few others. I came to the conclusion God was actually rewarding me with a keen radar for being so diligent in this quest. It has not been easy. Unless you run around claiming you are a horrible sinner then you cannot be in the club. You must be a sinner and have mixed motives NOT knowing yourself. It was like that with the seekers AND the Calvinists. I kept seeing the same things but with different focus. But in the end, it was the same thing. Being a sinner was accepted, expected and if you did not confess it all the time then it was like a cultural revolution reeducation camp. Ostrasized, shunned, thrown out and ruined. It is like a gang of theives who hate the straight guy. Collectivism. In a nutshell.

    Amazing how many pastors/Christians try to tell you your conscious is Satan. I do understand that many people are evil and have no real conscious so to speak. But even the narcissist knows he is playing a game. He just has no guilt over it.

  5. Greg,

    Oh, I see. Well, not to sound flippant, but I suppose that is a good place to think about such things.

  6. Lydia,

    Excellent comment. And consciousness is both evil and an illusion at the same time. Figure that out.

    How about Jon on Paul’s site and his whole inability=choice comparison?

    What the fuck?

  7. “How about Jon on Paul’s site and his whole inability=choice comparison?”

    Well, I have been interacting with these guys for about 8 years now. I live at ground zero so I can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one. Also blogging has NOT helped them much at all over time unless they stay in their cognitive dissonance doctrinal ghetto.. It is the same thing over and over and over.

    I could write their scripts. I am not trying to sound arrogant but they bore me to tears. Seriously. It took me a while because I am trained to listen to others and try to understand them. “Seek first to understand then be understood”. This is from my years of training.

    But that is absolutely the worst thing when it comes to these guys. They take advantage of that. The truth is you either accept their cognitive dissonance or not. There is no other way to deal with it.

    It goes like this:

    They make cognitive dissonance statement (such as Jon’s unwillingness is the same as inability)
    You respond pointing out the contradiction
    They say you did not quote them right or you did not understand them.
    You quote them again and show the cognitive dissonance
    They respond by twisting the meaning of words/concepts’
    You respond by not accepting the redefinitions so there is an impasse
    They respond by saying you do not understand scripture/them/truth, etc and continue to misinterpret their doctrine. Oh, and they almost always accuse you of not asking what they believe when they have been interacting on thread full of comments on exactly what they believe.

    It is uncanny. ONce you start seeing what is going on with them in real time, you can figure out they are almost stepford Christians in a way.

    It is a black hole. They, most of the time, do not even realize they are in it. They have been indoctrinated (just as many of us were) and they parrot what they think is truth without thinking it through.

    I have been doing it too long. I am no longer interesting in changing their minds. I am interested in teh ones who are questioning the assumptions. It is much like I could care less about the spiritual abusers/molesters of Christendom or their supporters/fellow travellors. I am only interested in victims and those who are trying to figure out how such things can be acceptable to believers.

    If that is “mean” so be it. I don’t really care anymore.

  8. Lydia,

    My gosh. That was a brilliant comment. That is going to be a post of its own.

    You totally nailed it. Thank you .

  9. Bridget,

    He didn’t respond to any of my comments today.

    Did you read Lydia’s comment above? She explains why very nicely.

  10. Lydia is right. I’ve seen it now myself. When they tire of trying to respond they simply disappear. I’m still dumbfounded that the Spirit needs to bow to scripture . . .

  11. Bridget,

    Of course your consternation is entirely understandable. This is the idolization of the Bible, or biblioidolatry . It makes, as John Immel puts it, a talisman out of the scriptures. Instead of being merely a canon of specific written revelation, which man has the inherent capacity to apprehend and apply according to reason (how often do we read that the disciples and Jesus “reasoned” amongst themselves), they turn it into a mystic portal into the realm of the “forms”. Only those who have been granted special gnosis (knowledge) can apprehend its truth; and for ALL of us, it has causal power OUTSIDE of our will. It is a charm; a crystal ball; and a proxy of the Almighty Himself.

    It isn’t so much that they place the bible above God; it is that they make no metaphysical distinction between the two. The Bible is God’s proxy, which only the Senior Enlightened Pastor may ultimately interpret according to his understanding of “sound doctrine”, which again is rooted in his special theological dispensation.

    And it always terminates at the place of the Senior Pastor; the Philosopher King. Notice how it ALWAYS winds up at the place of AUTHORITY, never any actual knowledge or truth. The “truth” of the bible always winds up being nothing more than brute FORCE to the unwashed masses, which is always punishment, which is always violence.

    That’s what’s so scary about people like Jon. When he advocates “God’s Word” as the final authority for truth, he is ultimately advocating the use of violence to compel human beings into “right” thinking and behavior.

    This is always what you get when anything but individual human life is the standard for truth and moral good.

    I have said that if the writers of the bible are beyond reason in what they wrote; are beyond review and outside of any objective standard of truth and morality which can be universally apprehended, simply because they were “chosen” writers of the Bible, then Christianity becomes instant Gnosticism and can no longer be trusted.

    Further, if the writers had some special revelation that we cannot have because we weren’t specially enlightened, then there is a perpetual disconnect between the bible and EVERYONE else. If it takes special revelation to to write the Bible, then it must take special revelation to READ it. If it is absolute authority and man’s understanding is irrelevant because the Bible’s truth is “beyond man’s truth”, then clearly only those “gifted” can understand it. And who do you think gets to decide who is gifted?


    The people who tell Jon he glorifies God with his “sound doctrine”. Hello spiritual tyranny, and fire up the grill. Heretic burgers are on the menu tonight.

    Those unlike Jon…those idiotic assholes like me and anyone else who thinks he’s full of shit…anyone not “gifted” to understand, well, all of us must be violently forced into God’s Will.

    The unleashing of neo-Calvinism is the unleashing of the darkness. It is a dreadful, dreadful evil.

  12. argo fuck yourself,lol, dude ive been dying to say that assuming you saw the movie,i hope lol, great line anyway 🙂 i want to thank you for what you do here,ive enjoyed reading your stuff,its been thought come across real likable ,honest,no bullshit,admirable quality.anyway,ive been watching youtube videos on metaphysics for the past few hrs lol.a little metaphysical rabbit trail here n there lol.time,space,10 dimensions?lol and hey ,dont be so hard on jon,:) i get where your coming from ,as far as all the ass clowns tryin to claim the authority of the bible,for the purpose of tyranny.theres more to this point i dont think youve considered.authority?hmmm ok a little about myself,education?school of hard knocks,lol.i think i was in the fourth grade when i remeber the first time a broomstick was broke over my back.tyranny?i know a little about that.metaphysical side note,do you think how people veiw themselves,reflects how they veiw God? i recently caught mark driscols sermon on youtube,titled,God hates you.totally depraved wack job lol.ive seen been refering to reformed theology as God hates you theology back to my abusive childhood,even though our parents tried to justify their actions with the lame excuse,they did it because they loved made no sense at the time,and even as a child i knew it was unjust and excessive.ergo,i dont see God as a child abuserm,makes sense?lol back to my personal experience,epistomology?how do i know what i know?hmm well,i told you about rev 3:20,but get thisi wasnt raised religious,at the time i heard the voice of God,my personal knowledge of the bible was zero,nothing,nadda.hmmm come to find out rev 3:20 are the words of Jesus,hmmm rom 10:17,faith comes by heaing the word of God?heb 11:1,faith is the evidence of things not seen?hmmm back to authority,i hav a real problem with authority figures lol,bit of a rebel i guess.authority,how about the fact that the creator of the universe is a personal friend of mine?lol im looking for a philosopher king,dont need one lol anyway thnx dude peace

  13. Greg,

    You are welcome. It is always very satisfying to know that people read here and that what I write is helping to free minds from the pervasive Platonism which has enslaved them for so long. Even if people don’t quite agree with me, it is great to know that at least it causes them to take pause and think about why they hold the assumptions they do.

  14. grickets, Thanks for sharing all that about yourself. I have always had a challenge with authority, too. I was not raised in an abusive home and we were taught to respectfully question authority. It was encouraged if respectful and that worked in our house. There was the occassional ‘because I said so’ and that was that. However, we were encouraged to ask why on everything.

    But I found that outside our home respectfully questioning authority did not work as well. And as I got older I started questioning the concept of an adult having an “authority” over others. Lets face it, work is a contractural agreement. Police/government “have” authority to carry out the law only. And we have redress. (Well, we used to). And church? I grew up in churches where the pastor was part of the priesthood and did not have any special authority at all. He was more a servant and paid employee. The congregation voted and made decisions.

    I say all this to say things have drastically changed over the last 20 or so years. I saw it happening in real time in my corporate training career. In so many organizations/companies the idea of questioning your boss became a sort of death knell for careers all the while they are touting a team enviromment and family atomosphere. I saw so much pretense and it wore me out.

    I believe that adults should treat each other as adults until there is a good reason not to. I have had to fire people but there was always a very good reason. It was never because they disagreed with me, critisized me, etc. I always thought they had that right and I had a duty to listen and decide if it had merit. My firings were over serious offenses where other staffers were applauding it.

    The thing that scares me the most about authoritarianism I am seeing in companies, government and church is that people are questioning less than they used to. It seems to be the new normal. I mean eventually they will in certain situations that reach critical mass but by then they have gone along with it so long that it becomes a showdown with bloody bodies in their wake. It becomes win/lose on everything.

    Why is this? I believe it can be traced to a lack of education and rampent collectivist thinking and teaching in most of our institutions. We have lost, for the msot part, the independent spirit.

    And this authoritarianism that people accept is killing our economy! Companies are less innovative. (Even the tech companies that take on the mantle of an institution becomes less productive, innovative than their pioneering days), productive and people are cogs in wheels. Authoritarianism kills the pioneering spirit and keeps people from their potential.

    You learn it is not worth it to question anything. If you disagree with government policy today then you are a racist or someone who wants poor people to starve. If you disagree with the pastor then you are disobedient and rebellious. A God hater.

    There is little real thinking going on.

    And that is death for our country.

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