When the Creator is Also the Creation; and the Theo-Marxism of the Abstract Christian Value Hierarchy

(Part One)

The completely subjective abstract value hierarchy under consideration in this series is the following:

1. God

2. Family

3. Church

4. Work

Or, as we are already starting to see in the orientation schools of spiritual and state tyranny, the neo-Calvinist/Reformed “local churches”, it may be expressed something like:

1. God/Church

2. Family

3. Work

What this adjustment to the hierarchy means is that not even the lip service paid previously will be given to any distinction between God and the Church.  Remember, in any entity which roots itself in Marxist philosophy–which is rooted in Augustinian/Luther/Calvinist theology, which is rooted in Greek gnosticism, which is mysticism–the assumption is that the depraved, unwashed, unenlightened, uninformed, or socially “disadvantage” masses are existentially unable to apprehend TRUTH.  And TRUTH is a direct function of “god”, in whatever form the philosophy happens to acknowledge him/it.  This puts the masses inexorably outside of the absolute WILL of the One who demands that all people and all things conform to a particular Standard of existence; some “law” of reality, if you will.  Therefore, in order to compel the masses into right behavior and thinking someONE must “stand in the stead” as “god’s”  proxy to compel.  The means of compelling the ignorant masses is always–by virtue of the metaphysical assumptions the philosophy makes about man–through violence, but the violence is not always blatantly physical.  Often “lesser” forms of destruction are used, such as indoctrination, propaganda, subterfuge, conflation, subliminal messaging, persistent monitoring (i.e. the destruction of privacy), blackmail, intimidation and fear-mongering, and so on.  All of this is in service to ushering in the only model of civilization that “god” will accept: “Salvation/Eden/Heaven”, the “utopia/workers paradise”, the “categorically fair and socially just society”, the “divine destiny of the Nation/State”, the “promulgation of the Race”, the “New World Order”, etc., etc..  Now, these ideas are merely euphemisms, employed as vessels of indoctrination, for the utter benefit of the ruling autocrat who becomes the very root and source of all reality, and thus, is the only one metaphysically and epistemologically capable actually receiving “good things”, because only he is able to truly apprehend them, because only he possesses the pure and divine Gnosis, or “special knowledge”.

In other words, the autocrat is “god” for rest of the world.  And as “god’s” incarnate proxy, he is the only one with the proper frame of reference by which to truly understand the benefits of the pure utopian society.  Therefore, the overwhelming lion’s share of spoil goes to him.  The rest get what he decides to give them, and they are expected to be content with that.  Any discontent is seen as pridefully asserting the lie that the dissenter is capable of apprehending TRUTH on his or her own, apart from the “grace” of the leader who represents God to them.  This naturally is met with swift punishment, which can be and often is exceptionally violent.  You must understand that once you deviate from the collective, your value as a “life” is nullified (and I put “life” in quotation marks because the philosophy does not permit the existence of anything which can rationally be defined as “life”).  The only way to deal with you is to either force you back into the collective or to eliminate you in service to the collective’s absolute TRUTH; which I have already explained is represented by the autocrat as its incarnate form.

From this vantage point, I think you will notice, or have begun to catch at least a glimpse of, the extremely interesting position this places the autocrat in.  He is no longer merely the incarnation of “god” to the masses, but also represents the incarnate singular form of the masses as they are presented perpetually before “god”.  In this position, the autocrat has truly become “all in all”.  He is both God and the Group, the Primary Consciousness and the Collective, the Nation and the People.  He is the absolute and infinite SELF of ALL Creation as well as (and as inexorably integrated into) the absolute and infinite SELF of the Creator.  Indeed, I am sure those of you with any significant experience with neo-Calvinist/Reformed churches have heard the Pastors explain how they will have to “give an account” for you before God on the day of judgement, and this is why you should submit to them and make their calling a “joy”, not a burden.  They have been called to care for you and your souls, because they are ultimately the ones responsible for them before God.  This plea for obedience because it is they, not you, who will give an account for you at the final calling is precisely what this means:  they are the singular, incarnate form of the church collective before God.  They are YOU to God as much as they are GOD to you.  To the sane among us, the level of presumption and conceit it takes for a Pastor (or any priest of the Primary Consciousness) to actually believe this is utterly beyond words, and is awesome in its evil.

This is a very interesting metaphysical position indeed.  And one that is rationally impossible and self-defeating at its core.  And is why collectivist societies in any form always wind up in tyranny, with the death of the individual touted as the greatest moral good.

The sad and terrifying irony of this is that since the autocrat assumes the identity of both Creator and Creation, he has lost his ability to define himself, since there is no such thing as any efficacious, rational, practical or relevant definition of what he IS without the ability to make the observable distinction of what he IS NOT (an issue I covered in my Borg post).  This makes him a man without any identity and without any rationally grounded, objective understanding.  The moral equivalence of all things, ideas, and actions is the inexorable and inevitable outcome of this psyche.  And though I have discussed this before, it bears a review.

What is moral equivalence?  Moral equivalence is the final, destructive outcome of the more commonly heard phrase “moral relativism”.  It is not the idea that there are dichotomies of good and evil, and that these dichotomies are relative as a function of specific and quite possibly mutually exclusive contexts, as we find in relativism;  rather, It is the idea that there is no such thing as good and evil at all.  That all actions are morally identical…that they are morally inert.  Thus, and by definition, the rape and murder of a twelve year-old child is the moral equivalent of Jesus’s feeding of the five thousand. Mother Theresa the moral equivalent of Genghis Khan.

This thinking inevitably turns individual human beings into playthings which exist for the sole purpose of satisfying the whims and insatiable appetite of the autocrat, who will exploit living and breathing souls as though they were so much pocket change dumped into the slot machines at Caesar’s Palace, or dollar bills stuffed into the crotch of some Chippendale’ s thong.  He will do favors for his friends, and commit genocide to eliminate his detractors.  He will lie and cheat and steal and deceive and there can be no one in the position to question his actions because no one else actually exists.  And this is precisely how wind up with…North Korea.  And Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.  Stalin’s Russia.  Hitler’s Germany.  Communist Cuba.  The Weather Underground, the IRA, the UDA/UFF, and various sundry Islamic baby killer clubs.  They are all of like mind.  The Primary Consciousness is the cause, the Collective is the outcome, and the autocrat is the incarnation of BOTH.

Welcome to the jungle; come, all you children of the Beast.


(Part Two, Redux)

The specific “Christian” abstract value hierarchy we are examining is generally considered to be a product of puritanical influences, which find a contemporary voice most vociferously within the Protestant church, predominantly those which espouse an adherence to “Reformed” orthodoxy.  These churches often advertise themselves as being “Bible believing”, and practicing “sound doctrine”, which is based “only upon the “Word of God”.

Do not be fooled by such deceptively innocuous and benign terminology.  What they mean by “solely appealing to the God’s Word” is anything but.  Rather, their doctrine is rooted very much in Greek mysticism, most notably Plato’s theory of Forms, from which almost all totalitarian states derive their ideological foundations.  This mystic tyranny is codified and systematized and stamped “Christian orthodoxy” most cohesively in John Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion”, which for all of its loquacious and academic ramblings is little more than a primer on how to subvert the individual and press them into the service of the State.

Modern day Protestantism in general I submit is, by virtue of its shared roots in Greek mysticism/Platonism/gnosticism, inextricably linked to Marxist totalitarian philosophy, wherein we find that the sum and substance of man’s material and “spiritual” being is found only via the complete integration of the individual SELF into the collective which–and this is important because it underscores the hypocrisy inherent in the philosophy– is governed by a central autocracy, which must always terminate at a single person, who proclaims himself the full-on, indivisible, incarnation of the Primary Consciousness (that “essence”, always metaphysically unobservable, outside of humanity, existing in a sphere of being which is mutually exclusive to the senses and thus the epistemology of the “masses”).  In communism, fascism, or socialism, the Primary Consciousness is simply known as the State; in Monarchism it is the King or Queen; in Tribalism it is the Tribe; and in the “melting pot” of America’s societal subcultures it is the Race.  And in the virulent strain of neo-Calvinist/Reformed “Christianity”, it is the Church, or the Body.

In all of these we need to recognize that the root of belonging to the collective has absolutely nothing to do with the individual person him or herself.  Literally nothing at all.  You are a direct function of the group or your do not exist at all; there is no distinction between the individual SELF and the group COLLECTIVE, which is, of course, purely a conceptual abstraction and as such is completely beyond the scope of man’s senses and therefore his understanding.  Thus, there is no answer to the question “What is man?”in neo-Calvinist/Reformed theology because no MAN exists.  “Man” is the collective, and the collective is man.  Man becomes the concept of “many”, which, because the “many” is a totally absolute collective has no quantifiable, relevant, or efficacious parts.  The collective IS, period.  Which means man as a SELF can only be metaphysically defined as IS NOT.

With that in mind, let us turn our attention once again to the abstract value hierarchy in question:

1. God

2. Church

3.  Family

4.  Work

The church loves to use this scale ostensibly because it is a reasonable way to organize the most prominent spheres of one’s life.  As always, the church must play the role of the benign altruist.  It is a role they play well, thanks to two thousand years of practice on live subjects.  The ostensible argument for such a hierarchy is this:  if we can effectively organize these integral components of life into their respective levels of importance, surely we will be much better able to prioritize our time and our money, no?  We will be in a much better position to pursue the most important goals according to their relative value to the grand objective of “glorifying God”, and therefore we shall be in a much better position to effectively live up to our Christian calling and our personal responsibilities before our heavenly Father, right?

Of course the one glaring problem with this false hierarchy is that nowhere within it do we find what should logically be affirmed to be the prerequisite for the existence of such a value hierarchy in the first place:  the SELF of the individual…or, YOU.  YOU are nowhere to be found.  Look around.  Call your name.  Do you come?  Do you peek out from behind “family” and wave?  Do you give a thumbs-up from behind “church” and call out cheerfully, “Hear I am! I’m okay!”?

Not at all.

This is by design.  For any mention of YOU automatically makes a distinction between the individual SELF and the abstract concepts within the value hierarchy.  And this cannot be suffered in collectivist ideologies.  The inclusion of YOU simply confuses the issue.   In a sense, “you” are I suppose somewhat of a given, as it were; as the ipso facto bystander who is somehow there, but indefinable.  Pointless.  The irrelevant “external” observer to the abstract ideas which claim sole ownership over your life…your SELF.  This is why human beings individually are never actually defined or formally recognized in the creeds and catechisms and statements of faith of Reformation theology, either official or unofficial.  In these articles, the individual becomes merely a cosmic apology; the scapegoat which makes all of the control and violence necessary in order to satisfy the wrath of God.  The problem of evil is the existence of the individual.  And the solution is to remove him or her from the equation, which is precisely why YOU are nowhere to be found in the abstract value hierarchy.  The point is to erase you from your own existence.  And this is done via the exchanging of the SELF for abstract ideas, notions ,and concepts like hierarchies, caste systems, church membership agreements, systematic theologies, statements of faith, creeds, laws, rules, home groups, care groups, youth groups, committees, church bodies, ecclesiastical offices, etc., etc..  Yes, these are all instituted to function as a metaphysical replacement for the great cosmic offense of the SELF.

YOU are photo-shopped out of existence, like Marty McFly’s dog-eared photograph of he and his siblings in “Back to the Future”.  Wiped clean…the stain of YOU removed from before God’s eyes, replaced with God and Church and Family and Work.  And even these are indistinguishable from each other.  Even these are simply ONE when the assumptions which produced the hierarchy are taken to their logical conclusions.  All of these are merely direct extensions of the collective, which is the Church, which is the Senior Pastor, the Omnipotent Autocrat who stands in the stead of God to you, and in the stead of you to God.

YOU never get a place on the mystic totem pole of abstract value hierarchies; in the caste system of “special revelation”; in the “authority” demarcations of the collective.  Thus, the individual can be given no relevant value.  As such, as I have said, the individual does not actually exist.  You are a shadow, nothing more, having causal power like a shadow causes the doorknob to turn or the gate to move.  Therefore, the individual is afforded no dignity within the collective…and those of you with any measure of experience with neo-Calvinism are likely familiar with this truth.  You recall how often you heard the woes of church financial difficulties, or the lack of adequate volunteers on the Urinal Cake Cleaning Committee, or the conflicts amongst the leadership or laity…yes, you recall how the convenient scapegoat for these difficulties was always the desire of people to “do their own thing” (i.e. own themselves), instead of listening to the counsel of the Church.

Why is that?

Because proclaiming the right of autonomous SELF is akin to the worst kind of apostasy in neo-Calvinism and Reformation doctrine (or any collectivist ideology), and is the root of all evil.  The individual is the devil incarnate, and is rebuked with substantial vitriol.  Church troubles always boil down the dickheads who have the audacity to think that they can exist in any relevant or righteous sense outside of the collective group think…as if God recognizes anyone apart from their proper “role” in the church.  The nerve.  Any assertion of YOU is selfish by definition.  Your resistance to the all-consuming push of the collective is an affront to the absolute truth of its existence.  You are not allowed to say noYou are not allowed to refuse.  For any self-promotion is precisely why God hates people, and why so many are going to roast and hell, and why so few (sniffle, sniffle, and down roll the crocodile tears) find their way to the narrow road which leadeth unto heaven.

17 thoughts on “When the Creator is Also the Creation; and the Theo-Marxism of the Abstract Christian Value Hierarchy

  1. At the emd of the particular article I referenced above the author quotes the German Theosophist, Baader who comes off with the same dying to self song.

  2. wow dude,lots to chew on there.interesting point about these clowns representing both god and you.early in my studies of this garbage theology,it just reeked of pride.Psa 73:6

    Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment.
    hmmm a cple verses come to mind thinking about all this stuff,changing the truth of God into a lie? the simple believe every word?lol its funny some of these clowns try pass this off as advanced christianity,or the meat of the word,lol anyway good stuff dude thnx 🙂

  3. Jason,

    Here is an exercise which may help.

    Define time without either referencing itself (hours, moments, past, present, future, etc.) or that which can be observed (e.g. objects or events).

    I submit this is impossible. Which is evidence that time has no definition except by man’s direct observation of material reality. This means that time itself can only be known conceptually, not ACTUALLY. Which means it does not actually exist. Which means it cannot have any causal properties.

  4. “interesting point about these clowns representing both god and you.”


    Yes…thank you. That actually hit me recently while listening to a sermon where the gnostic Pastor declared that the laity is bound in obedience to the elders because they are going to give an account to God on your behalf.

    The first thing I thought was “I don’t think I ever asked them to give an account on my behalf, you arrogant prick”, and the next thing I thought about was how evil the presumption was. Not only is he saying that the elders are God but that they are also YOU. In one swift stroke both the Creator and the Created are rendered irrelevant and obsolete in favor of the assumption that these elders, who couldn’t find a rational idea with John Locke and a flashlight, have somehow been given the divine right to possess both.

    It would be laughable if it weren’t so bloody dangerous.

  5. It would be laughable if so many people didn’t believe it to be normal Christianity.

  6. speaking of dangerous and scary, i was recently reminded of the movie minority report,where people are convicted of crimes before they commit them(predestined?)lol scary

  7. SCDP,

    I am not familiar with Archimedes. Except that he was a Greek mathematician/inventor I think. Do you mind explaining what you mean?

  8. Gricket,

    I often think of that movie as well. The premise is not only evil, but patently ridiculous. You cannot be convicted of a crime before it happens because “before it happens” means NONEXISTENT, by definition. A crime cannot exist before it exists. That is an impossible notion.

    The whole thing assumes time is actual and causal, neither of which is true.

  9. Okay, from where do you start? What is your standpoint/starting point and is it outside of time as construct/abstraction?

    “An Archimedean point (or “Punctum Archimedis”) is a hypothetical vantage point from which an observer can objectively perceive the subject of inquiry, with a view of totality. The ideal of “removing oneself” from the object of study so that one can see it in relation to all other things, but remain independent of them, is described by a view from an Archimedean point.” – Wikipedia

  10. SCDP,


    Hmm… I suppose something like that.

    In terms of how I think, this might be a good way of looking at it. But I would say that my way of thinking is more, hmm…literal than the AP might imply.

    What I mean is I believe the reality of individual consciousness is that it is an infinite singularity. This means that what we observe and conceptually describe are by definition purely relative relationships between other bodies, and other bodies juxtaposed to the SELF. I believe the common and false practice of “actualizing” our cognitive concepts ( what I call “conceptual abstractions”) and making them causal creates a reality which is purely hypothetical but is assumed to be real, and thus it is inexorably confused, meaningless, and fundamentally contradicting. But worse, it makes man ‘s volition an effect, instead of a cause. In other words, modern physical theories of the universe are fundamentally determinist, which is why modern philosophical assumptions are also (almost categorically) determinist. The more we push science as TRUTH, the worse it gets, I submit.

    This can most easily be seen (and attacked) in the concepts of time, space, and gravity. All of which have causal properties in the Standard Model, but none of which can be rationally defended in this respect.

  11. By “infinate singularity” I gather you mean that by taking a standpoint in temporal reality concepts such as time, gravity and space are absolutized. But how do you get beyond this or outdide of this? Religion?
    I am SCDP, by the way. Just different social media accounts.

  12. Jason,

    I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you rephrase?

    By the way, I love your pseudonym. Store In Cool Dry Place. That’s creative:-)

  13. Jason,

    I actually think I understand your question. Just had to think a little more about it.

    Yes to the first: if you concede existence is temporal then you absolutize (if that’s a word… I might have made it up ) CONCEPTS such as space, time, and gravity. Meaning, you falsely give them effectual/causal power.

    Your second question: no, not religion, reason. Since time, space, or gravity cannot be “observed” without the necessary prerequisite of a material body which they ” act upon/through”, then the only rational conclusion is that they are the product of the conscious observation of the material body. Ergo, they do not exist apart from the conscious mind of the agent able to observe relative interactions between bodies and abstractly qualify/quantify them.

    Observation of a material body is the absolute requirement for the EXISTENCE of time, space, and gravity. Therefore, they are functions of the observation and the conscious mind. They cannot exist apart from it.

  14. Argo, thanks for the compliment on my blog title. Now if only I could get round to writing one. I am starting to grasp what you mean and I guess I will have to read more of your stuff. I found you through the Wartburg Watch. I am interested in christofascist elites that end up running churches – perhaps a natural progression – and the ideological/theological foundations around that. Epistemology is a new field for me and I thank you for helping me sharpen my insight. Okay, enough sucking up for one day . . .

  15. Jason,

    You are welcome. I know my opinions can be hard to get ones head around.

    The key to dismantling time as actual/causal is recognizing the inherent logical contradictions in the timeline. Once time is revealed to be purely conceptual, space and gravity, which are inexorably connected, are dismantled as well.

    At least you haven’t called me a heretic.

    Yet . LOL

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