Reasoning the Subjectivity of Sin

Sin is purely a function of individual human context; “objective” sin is purely observable action which deprives INDIVIDUALS of self-ownership.  Thus, even objective sin can be said to be rooted, not OUSTIDE of man, but wholly INSIDE of individual, separate human beings.

This was God’s purpose in the beginning.  All TRUTH is a function of individual SELF.  And senses are given to observe and quantify/qualify actions of individuals so that violations of the right of self to exist (the POINT of creation in the first place…for individuals to BE) can be truly known.  And this to bar any excuse for violations of self in favor of some purely theoretical (non-existent) notion.  Like what?  Like an impossible EXTERNAL moral standard of good and evil, which individuals can never keep because it is mutually exclusive to the reality which is individual SELF.

You may consider me a heretic because I say “sin is subjective”, but my appeal is simply to the truth that all reality is first and foremost a function OF MAN and his reality, and is not “outside” of him. The reason man “fell” was because he exchanged the truth of his own flesh and blood existence for an “objective” standard of morality…an absolute which was forever beyond him because it made that which is mutually exclusive to man’s existence–the theoretical moral dualism of “good” and “evil”–the plumb line for his wholly moral physical “self” before God. The reason you can never do enough good according to the objective theoretical standard of good and evil outside of you is precisely because good is ALWAYS defined by evil and vice versa. Whereas in the beginning, it was not to be this way. Man’s physical IS was all the morality he needed to be just before God.

Add to this the fact that claims to the “objective standard” of God cannot really be defined objectively for anyone who does not believe in God. So Christians go back to their tired and worn and irrational circular logic of “well…God said it; it’s in the bible; just because you don’t believe it doesn’t make it false”.

But IF it is truly objective then we MUST be able to objectively define it for someone who is not a believer. Non-believers have every right in the world to demand rational proof of any truth Christians claim is objective. And if our sole argument is “sola scriptura” or some other nonsense, then we cannot claim objectivity of “sin”. It is purely sin because we choose to presume it based on subjective opinions like “biblical inerrancy” or other rational larcenies.

And–sorry my fellow Christians–presumption of the truth of contradictory and purely subjective and/or abstract ideas is not proof of objectivity. And the non believer should run from us when we try to  make these arguments. Anyone without a rational argument for what they believe based in the reality of man’s physical, actual context is not entitled to the time of day.

When we make MAN the center of moral TRUTH…meaning, all reality is defined according to MAN’S context, we can begin to see a modicum of objective GOOD versus objective EVIL. We may not be able to prove God to atheists (and neither can they disprove…in fact, their faith is much less rational), but we can prove pretty objectively the nature of true evil (as I said in the second paragraph). Namely, those sins which observably violate the rights of INDIVIDUALS to own the sum and substance of their own life…their property, mind, and body. These are easy to define…just read the ten commandments: adultery, violating the sabbath (back then), dishonoring mother and father, theft, lying…all of these are essentially versions of the larceny of other individuals. You TAKE what does not belong to you; and criminal “taking” is pretty easy to quantify and really easy to observe. Hence, it is objective.

And this proves my view of my faith. REAL truth finds man (and God as an Individual with His own inherent rights) at the center of it.

Real truth is that which proclaims that man is an object worth loving. Man is the object you do not violate…all creation is for man, and man is the center of his own truth, as God intended it. And that is what Christ does. He restores our innocence…the truth and goodness of self INSIDE man; He removes this “objective standard” which was a lie from the beginning. An external standard of good and evil was NOT from God; it was the evil of the fall of man. Man was supposed to be GOOD, period. His existence was the standard of his own pure morality. The only objective sin then is a violation of man’s self. Forcing people into “objective gospels outside of us” and external biblical “roles” and all other manner of fabricated righteousness is not the gospel. It is the problem.

Love God and love your neighbor are the sum of the law. Because real objective GOOD  is found in revering the right of people to own themselves, and to recognize that dogmatic judging of purely subjective “sin” according to some theoretical absolute “standard” outside of humans is really a false, evil teaching.

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