Be Back In 10

To my handful of hard-working, hard-slogging, hard-thinking, patient and long-suffering readers,

I will be on vacation for the next ten days.  I look forward to confounding the notions of reality and metaphysics, and even more, dismantling the evil and destructive assumptions of that false and heretical theology, Calvinism, which finds a new and even more egregious birth in the modern day fundamentalist neo-Reformed movement.

I have left you with a long and complicated post on the nature of divine and human “prediction”, wherein I discuss the theoretical idea of time, and how this posit is true:  There are only objects and relative movement.  Anything else is pure abstraction.

That should keep us all busy until I get back.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Be Back In 10

  1. “…dismantling the evil and destructive assumptions of that false and heretical theology, Calvinism…”

    This made me laugh. As someone who was hurt very badly by Calvinism, I thank you for being brave enough to call it out for what it is. Believe it or not, that makes your blog a safe and healing place on the Internet for people like me.

  2. I was not directly hurt by Calvinism (but I know very closely people who were and continue to be…it is a story almost too tragic to speak of out loud, if that makes sense). But I WAS duped. For years I gave copious amounts of time and money and affirmation to that abysmal theology. And a lot of what I do here is, frankly, a product of the unachievable psychologically (guilt)-driven objective of undoing the damage I am an accessory to.

    I am so glad you find refuge here, Oasis. You are more welcome than you can know. I am so glad you take the time to slog through my posts and to comment. Thanks, and thanks again!

    For me, I absolutely love the TRUTH which has been revealed to me; and the TRUTH which so easily destroys the false Calvinist dogma once the pagan, gnostic clutter is removed by enlightened reason.

  3. Argo, thank you! Your story is fascinating to me, though very sad. Know that you are helping to undo damage for at least one reader. I cheer you on!

    I find it almost impossible anymore to visit certain other blogs where Calvinism – in particular, the deterministic god (among other things) – is not only tolerated but respected. Where those who proclaim such a destructive and devastating teaching (God designs, and on some level wills, every detail of child abuse) are praised and lauded for their love, as they cause very great pain to others. Where I feel like a child on an ancient pagan altar, being sacrificed for the sake of doctrine. I scream and cry out to everyone around me, but hardly anyone hears. It seems no one is listening. And of those who do hear, not many care. The doctrine must be upheld at all costs.

    Calvinism damaged my relationship with God, and now it is making me crazy…

    Roger Olson recommended a book to me, “Is God to Blame?” by Greg Boyd. Really hoping it helps.

    Rant over. 🙂

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