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The Marxist Lie of “White Privilege”

In order to acknowledge “white privilege” one has to make the individual human being an extension of a concept. In this case “white”. Since “white” absent the individual can have no inherent existence, and certainly no meaning, it is impossible to claim that anyone can be “white”…as though “white” has some kind of power in itself to determine an individual’s existence. White is a function of the individual, not the other way around. Thus, no one can be born OF WHITE; which means no one can be born with some kind of endemic advantage simply because they fall into a conceptual category. This IS Marxism–that you are a function of the group–the “whites”–and thus, your existence is defined by it. With respect, this is utter horse shit. It is rational bankruptcy.

Also, and more obviously, not every white person in the world is privileged. But to claim “white privilege” is to claim ipso facto and BY DEFINITION that all people born white ARE automatically privileged. This is so clearly false I cannot believe anyone takes it seriously.

Moreover, and most importantly, “privileged” is a subjective term. I don’t concede the definition–which I am not rationally nor morally obligated to do–thus, I do not concede “white privilege” exists. Clearly, Rachel Dolezal did not consider it a privilege to be born white.

And do we mean biologically white? Or only those who self-identify as white have such privilege?

Ah…but we never got around to that discussion because the Marxists hoards became too distracted, like a dog fetching a ball, with banning symbols instead examining their own anthropological, biological, and philosophical  premises. How typical. You cannot keep a Marxist engaged for long when massive state force abounds just begging to be unleashed upon those with whom they disagree.