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Sacrifice as an Ethical Primary is Irrational

You have heard it said that it–the “zeitgeist” or “ethos” of life–is not about you, but is about your sacrifice, ultimately, to something “greater” than yourself.

This is not true; and never was; nor ever can be.

The truth is that it is all about you, and necessarily so. You see, “you” is the frame of reference by which you exist and act and define all things, absolutely. Take away “you”, and there is nothing else, for you would have lost the very thing necessary to give all else any relevancy and purpose in the first place.

In other words,  without YOU, there is no frame of reference by which you can define what “greater thing” it is to which you are told to sacrifice yourself. And without out a frame of reference, there is no definition of the thing; and without a definition of WHAT, there is no WHY. And with no why, there can be no sacrifice.

Sacrifice of self then…is a lie.