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Force and Ideas are Entirely Incompatible

Your intellectual and/or moral agreement with an idea is entirely irrelevant if those who are not in agreement are forced to submit to it. Once force is used to implement an idea, the idea no longer matters. Force becomes the sole point and purpose, and death becomes the sole outcome. This is axiomatic. Force nullifies choice; and choice–between good and bad, and truth and falsehood, for instance–is the product of conceptualization, which is the root and efficacy of thought. And ideas are a function of thinking.

And thinking is how man defines Self, via his powers of conceptualization. And the definition of Self necessarily implies the relevancy and purpose of Self, which is thus the relevancy and purpose of the existence of the Self.

Therefore, use force, destroy ideas, which destroys the Self; that is, Humankind.



Aphorism of the Day: Ideas + Force = Force

The problem with those who wish to organize society by means of a central governing authority (the State), is not that they don’t have any good ideas, it’s that ther ideas are always a package deal with government force. Which obliterates the ideas, rendering them fundamentally (at the roots of the philosophy) irrelevant, and leaves us only with force.