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“Control” is a Concept Which Must Be Qualified; Control Can Never Be Absolute Without Destroying Man’s Existence: A short examination of the Reformed/Neo-Calvinist Lie of “God’s Sovereignty”

Things in the created universe are either God or they are NOT God; they are either an autonomous SELF distinct from God or they are functional extensions of God…which means they ARE God.

If they ARE God then it is redundant to classify their actions a being extensions of God’s control. There is no distinction between themselves and God, which makes any attempt to define them according to some kind of “God and Creation” construct an exercise in bullshit. If man isn’t man but is God then man has no ability to think (because he does not exist as a distinct volitional agent), which means he cannot know, which means he cannot declare that “God is in control”. He has no mind by which he would fucking know.

If Creation is NOT God then there must be a limit to God’s control. For if God cannot BE what He is not then what He is not must have a root autonomy of SELF. The actions of everything then NOT God are therefore a direct function of the root SELF of their own absolutely and perfectly autonomous existence. You cannot integrate absolutes like “control” and “freedom”; either creation is free to BE itself and from that SELF, to absolutely ACT, or Creation is absolutely not free to be itself and thus cannot claim any actual existence at all.

The actions of any object in creation must be either an ABSOLUTE extension of the SELF or an ABSOLUTE extension of NOT SELF (e.g. God). Human actions are either absolutely their own or humanity cannot claim any rational existence.

The doctrine of “God is in control” has no basis in efficacious reason. It’s logical outcome will always be the destruction of humanity (exhibit A: chattel slavery). It is a lie. If we were created to be controlled, then there is no purpose to BEING us at all. We exist to serve ABSOLUTELY that which is NOT us. And if that is true, then the only logical philosophy is one of absolute denial of SELF. Which equals death as the greatest moral service man can make for that which demands TOTAL control of him to the very limits of the SELF.

This is the neo-Calvinist “cult of death”, as John Immel describes it. And it’s an abomination. And its hypocrisy can be sadly observed at Wartburg Watch and a thousand other blogs.