What is Government?: All you need to know in two brief paragraphs

Government is “legal” violence. And what is “legal” violence? Simple. It is the violence necessary to compel the naturally evil individual into the collective moral code.

This “need” for “legal” (read “moral”) violence is predicated upon a false metaphysic: that individual man does evil by existing at all. In other words, to be man is to be evil. The Christians call this Total or Pervasive Depravity. Most other religions have their own labels, but it’s metaphysically identical.

1 thought on “What is Government?: All you need to know in two brief paragraphs

  1. Have you noticed that when any wrong doing is done in the church such as exploiting the tax status, the first thing Christians call for are new laws protecting them from such leaders? It’s uncanny. They don’t want to take responsibility for the transparency of their church but the government to do so!

    This thinking is everywhere. Instead of seeing it as more regulations, they view it as protection.

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