Why You Should and Should Not Debate the Collectivist

It’s an easy win debating Marxists, Socialists, Fascists, and other leftist demagogues. Which is why their ideas should be relentlessly dragged into the arena of thought…engaged and confronted, their failure on display for all but the insane to comprehend.

But at the same time, here is why they shouldn’t be debated:

THEY never actually debate, they scream and threaten and do violence.

They extort, they don’t reason.

They propagandize, they don’t inform.

They blackmail, they don’t explicate rational consequences.

They repress, they don’t encourage.

They virtue signal, they don’t love.

They are violence for violence’s sake. They are death for death’s sake. They are foolish for foolishness’s sake. Their peace is that of the grave; and their only cheer is the fleeting emotional orgasm of the serial killer, the two-bit despot, and the conquering tyrant.

So yes, throw up a wall of reason and goodness as smelling salts for their bromide, a palliative for their abuse, and a cure for their disease. But do it with courage, and prepared yourself for the devil. For the devil is in them.

7 thoughts on “Why You Should and Should Not Debate the Collectivist

  1. Debate implies the possibility that either side could be right. You don’t debate idiots, you debunk them. The thing is, this is how they view you (which is why they don’t debate) and therefore it is madness to give them any more respect than they give you, which is none, so just debunk them and laugh at them, but never “debate” them.

  2. We ARE (singular) Borg.

    Infinite Borg-ness cannot be defined. Because how do you define that which cannot be compared to anything?

  3. Don’t forget shame, passive aggressiveness, etc. See, they are the people who really care about people (except those who disagree). They have this whole fake compassion thing going on. They actually need groups they can keep down and so they can feel pious when they claim they are helping them by trashing others.

  4. Exactly, Lydia. And I know it can be hard to see the underlying and fundamental politic, but if you follow the maze you come to realize that all forms of collectivism are really just violence for the sake of violence. It’s really very sad.

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