Aphorism of the Day: Faith and Reason

Faith absent reason cannot provide an answer for itself–that is, its purpose and relevancy–which means it cannot be considered in any way efficacious.

And the answer to a question cannot be redundant or a contradiction, because that’s not an answer, it’s merely a priggish regurgitation of the question. So when you are asked the reason for your faith, use reason to answer. Otherwise you are nothing more than that kid in middle school who bragged about having a girlfriend in Canada. All claim, no dame.


7 thoughts on “Aphorism of the Day: Faith and Reason

  1. Interestingly, the word translated “faith” in the Bible is the same word that has to do with persuasion (pistis or pistueo) In other words, faith is a belief that is based in a persuasive, reasonable argument. This is what separates the genuine definition of faith from brainwashing or “mind control”. I have faith that I can walk across a bridge because a> I have seen others do it, b> I have knowledge of physics and engineering such that I believe the structure will support my weight and allow me to cross. In either case, my faith is based on sound reasoning.
    On the other hand, I would not put a red towel around my neck and jump off a room in an attempt to fly like Superman, no matter how much I “believed” I could do it. Yet this is the exact same kind of “faith” that the institutional church tells us we are supposed to have and that this is the kind of faith of which the Bible speaks, which is a lie. Yet many have fallen for this kind of “faith” by means of brainwashing and indoctrination. I am reminded of the episode of Star Trek Next Generation where Picard is taken prisoner by the Cardassians, and he is shown 4 lights and told there are 5. He is punished every time he says there are only 4 lights, to the point that near the end of the episode, he really believes he sees 5 lights.

  2. Sorry, that’s supposed to be “jump off a roof”, not a “room.” I need to proofread before I hit post.

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