Why “All Lives Matter” is the Rational and Moral Declaration

It is a pathetic and frustrating thing to be labeled a racist (as I recently was) by simply pointing out that humanity is rooted in individuals, not groups like “blacks” and “whites”; that racism is a function of individual beliefs and action, and therefore cannot not be ascribed to individuals because of some trite, subjective group/institutional affiliation; and it is also exasperating to hear it asserted that saying “all lives matter” is–by some backwards, inane Marxist “logic”–an anti-black declaration when in fact it is merely pointing out THE objective ontological fact which makes Truth, Reality and Morality possible at all.

When someone calls you a racist for saying “all lives matter” they are simply proclaiming their collectivist beliefs, which necessarily spawn ethics and politics that hold violence to be the primary and ultimately only efficacious way of compelling moral behavior. In other words, those who declare it racist and thus evil to express the rank ontological truth and fact that all lives matter is implying that they really believe that NO lives matter.

Not black. Not white. Not yours. Not mine. Not their own.

2 thoughts on “Why “All Lives Matter” is the Rational and Moral Declaration

  1. All lives matter is as stupid as black lives matter. All lives do not matter. Only the lives of those who are not violent criminals matter. When a violent criminal gets shot in the commission of a crime, like the jackass BLM thug who robbed a Waffle House with an AK-47 and then got shot himself in the parking lot, they should not take him to the Hospital and put him on life-support; they should put one more bullet in him and finish him off, because his life does NOT matter.

    And isn’t this where all this BS started? Black thugs who should not even be alive, who are the spawn of criminals who were spawned by daddies locked behind bars for violent crimes, that Libtards gave “conjugal visit rights” so they could spawn children from jail, got upset that their fellow violent thug criminals get shot by the police when they point a gun at the police, and as a result we end up with “Black Lives Matter.” No, black lives do NOT matter, and neither do white lives, if they are violent criminals. Only the lives of people who are NOT violent criminals matter. If you are shooting at the cops, they should kill you, period.

  2. “No, black lives do NOT matter, and neither do white lives, if they are violent criminals.”

    Point taken.

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