The Governing of Man Says Everything About His Nature

Ask yourself why we assume government is the superior social system. Of course, we already know the answer: because left on its own, mankind dissolves into an orgy of sin.

This is not some trite or casual observation. This admission is a PROFOUND metaphysical statement, with ramifications affecting every ounce of human existence. So, before we make such a claim, wisdom demands that we fully examine and fully understand what it is we are declaring.

The root of the issue is this:

Does man need governing?

To argue that the efficacy of human existence is only truly realized–or maximally realized–when man is forced by government into morality is to argue that man is, on his own, by the choice and free will endemic to him, inadequate to existence.

Once this is accepted, tyranny and death must inevitably follow.  Because if man is Able, then governing him is a contradiction to his existence, and this will be manifest by his sacrifice to the State.  If he is Unable, then his existence is an oxymoron and we must concede that he should be sacrificed to the State.

One small problem:

The government is run by man. So now what?

The only resolution to the contradiction is to reject the underlying metaphysical assumption. Man is not Unable; He is Able. Man then does not need governing; he needs NOT to be governed. Man’s Will and Choice and Self-awareness are not an abberation or a distortion of nature, they are the means by which he truly LIVES.

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