Governing Power Can Never, at Root, be Exercised on Behalf of People

The exercise of governing power is purely the manipulation of people by force. Therefore it is impossible that such power may ever be exercised on behalf of people.

Power is always the politic of Authority. And to claim Authority (in the governing sense) always requires the collectivization of human beings at the primary metaphysical level, and this because it claims the right to hold them accountable to an abstract legal standard in order to ensure moral behavior–which is the essence of morality in general–by demanding (compelling) obedience. (Obedience, however, has nothing fundamentally to do with individual choice, which means it has nothing to do with freedom.) Consequently, the individual cannot be the reference for the legal standard’s supposed Truth and Morality, but instead the relationship is the other way around. The individual then is bound in equal measure to all other individuals, because all individuals are fundamentally, equally (absolutely), and collectively bound to the abstract legal standard which those in authority claim to represent as its physical operatives in order to ensure its practical manifestation (and this is the origin of the State’s “Mandate” to rule ). This collectivist metaphysic then nullifies the individual, by definition, at the primary metaphysical level. And of course the eradication of the individual at the metaphysical level necessarily prohibits a collection of them at the metaphysical level. Therefore the entire notion of governing power as a means to rationally and morally organize individuals, and therefore humanity at large, in any collectivized context, like the geopolitical nation-state, inevitably collapses under the weight of its own self-invalidating contradictions.

And this is not something to be lauded, or something which I personally desire–naturally the desire of a rank voluntarist (which makes me a pacifist by definition) is that peace and freedom should reign in the presence of whatever manner of government we find established. Unfortunately the eventual collapse of Rule from Authority, which is Rule from Power, is simply something which is rationally consistent, and therefore indubitably true, and arrantly unavoidable.

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