There are only things, not “laws” or “gods” which control them

To say that God, or the Laws of Physics, are in control of ALL things, is an impossible contradiction in terms, because the very statement implies a distinction between the two–that is, God/the Laws of Physics and the things supposedly under absolute control.

You see, in order for something to be distinct from God/physical laws, that thing must have inherent existence all its own. In other words, its existence must be a function of it own separate and innate ability to BE whatever it is. Which means that God/physical laws are not in control of that which makes it, ITSELF. Which means they are NOT in control of all things. And the logical conclusion of all of this is that all things inexorably control themselves.

2 thoughts on “There are only things, not “laws” or “gods” which control them

  1. I’m not familiar with Buddhism in any substantive way.

    My metaphysical primary is Ability. From that, I submit that everything which is said to exist does so because it is Able to exist. Or, nothing exists via a cause outside itself, but fundamentally because it is able to be caused, so to speak.

    That’s obviously just a tiny component of my philosophy, but I think it speaks to your question.

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