American Socialism: Sympathy to be feared

I understand the desire to stand up to the forces of oppression, exploitation, and bigotry, and to recompense the victims of such things, and to safeguard the lives of those who may yet be victims.

But the way to do this is to dismantle the apparatus by which oppressors and bigots do such evil things, and that is the philosophical argument for the “right” of a Governing Authority acting on behalf of a Collective of the People to compel economic and social assembly and interaction by FORCE. This Authority acting on behalf of the Collective must, by its authority, define the Collective (the “People”) according to an abstract Ideal which thus subordinates the individual, and which necessarily creates a Primary Group–those who best reflect the Ideal (like “aristocracy”, “workers”, “minorities)–to which all other groups MUST be sacrificed.

And it is THIS philosophy which has been the intellectual and moral foundation for every atrocity that American Socialists (the Left, in particular) claim to abhor: slavery, segregation, voter restrictions, the genocide of Native Americans, etc., etc. For in ALL of these cases it has been the Authoritarian State, underwritten by the philosophical premises of Collectivism (some Ideal of “common good”)  which has financed, supplied, manned, and created the legal, and by extension moral, principles by which these programs are established and perpetuated.

In response to such tyranny the Left proposes about the most irrational and dreadfully hypocritical thing imaginable:

Enlarge the power of the State and with it, its Authority to subordinate individuals to itself on behalf of whatever group it decides represents the Ideal.

In short, they advocate the atrocity as a solution to the atrocity.

But, you see, remedial logic informs us that a problem cannot also be its own solution.

Except, apparently, in the mind of the American Socialist. Which is a mad, mad mind.

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