Their Niavete is NOT Why the Little Children are Special to Jesus

Belief without question, slavish following, and blind obedience to an ideal without regard to rational and moral consistency is NOT a virtue.

And it never will be.

Enter the sermon on “Jesus and the Little Children” I heard yesterday at the ignominious Easter service I suffered through wherein Jesus admonishes those who would seek to prevent the children from coming to Him and seeking His comfort and countenance to let them come, and declares it theirs, these precious little ones, the Kingdom of Heaven.

And enter the obligatory explication wherein it is explained that the reason why Jesus holds children in such high esteem is the cheapness of their faith.

We are told, you see, that what makes children so righteous and so venerated by the Divine is the fact that they lack even basic rational discernment.  That it is their arrant innocence OF REASON AND OF DISCERNMENT which makes them such spiritual gems.

And enter then the glaring implication that the problem with adults is that they have the temerity to ask for proof, and to expect sensible rationales; and require time and space to ponder and vet the hundreds of ideas which come their way, seemingly on a daily basis. That it is this grown up, and so very SELFISH and ARROGANT sense of entitlement to ideological integrity and rational consistency which prevents them from having the pureness of faith God so cherishes, and the unflinching loyalty to His heavenly Command He so appreciates.

You see, the deft ability of adults to doubt is why they are on the wrong side of the bell curve when it comes to moral purity and divine favor.

So we are told.

And of course we are.

Because, you see, to a people who have become so comfortable in their doctrinal contradictions that they literally cannot expend one breath when preaching or teaching without uttering one, the adult expectation of reason and responsibility to logical consistency and evidentiary substance is a moral and epistemological violation of mortal consequence.

And this is why the church is dead. And why it is a cult of death; where denial is practiced and self-loathing is the prime moral obligation. And why it has exchanged reason for madness, and the truth for a a lie, and God for the Devil. And it has not only been banished from the Garden but has turned, and out of pure spite burned the bridge over the moat and built a wall across the path.


Children and their faith aren’t special to Jesus because they’ll believe without blush any load of crap some adult feeds them. They and their faith are special to Him because they do not doubt their individuality; and they understand inherently that they are unique, autonomous, and priceless, as a function of their very existence. They are BORN knowing the Truth of the Self. They have not yet been spiritually wrecked by the demonic lie of collectivism.

2 thoughts on “Their Niavete is NOT Why the Little Children are Special to Jesus

  1. Oh my. You had to sit through that? We did something very different. We attended an episcopal cathedral. An old one. The music divine. Once I got past the meaningless pagentry, it was very enjoyable. They read a lot of scripture as a group. The homily was 10 min on the resurrection and it is obvious the Bishop was no Calvinist or even close to Reformed. His musings on the resurrection were quite moving.

    I am not sure I could sit through a typical sermon again.

    Reason would kill the deal for them. You can’t have grown ups running around thinking things through. Funny I read this as I had just run across this earlier which was a breath of fresh air;

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