Flat Earth Conspiracy: I understand the skepticism, but don’t let this distract you from the real fight

Yeah…this flat earth conspiracy thing just isn’t real, man. There are real conspiracies, but this isn’t one of them.

There are several obvious problems with this theory; the biggest problem, however, is: the uniformity of gravity precludes such an earth; gravity would be categorically and self-evidently different if the earth was flat, or disc shaped.

The real question I suspect leads one to consider this flat-earth idea has in actuality nothing to do with a geocentric or heliocentric astronomical construct, but how we actually define what is “center” in a universe which cannot have any location or any age in and of itself because time and space were created AFTER the Big Bang.

You see, if we want to make the earth the center of the universe, we must first realize that “space”, or “location” is not the true plumb line. The real plumb line is not a scientific one, but has to do with how we define man’s metaphysic. If man is absolutely HIMSELF (which he is), then everything revolves around the individual, since the context of YOU, or SELF, is the only existential constant. In fact is the only non-abstract, non-theoretical constant, period.

Thus, to make the planet of Man the center of the universe is a more rational way to view existence philosophically, which, again is where the real fight for freedom happens.

We must all remember that science has nothing to do with Truth; it is an organizational abstraction. Period. Full stop. There can be no scientific “cause” of anything, because before you can have a cause, you must have some THING to initiate causality. This means that the initial cause will itself not be subject to the laws of physics; which makes them fundamentally irrelevant with respect to explaining the nature of existence–and our inability to defend the nature of existence from scientific determinism, the prevailing philosophy today, is precisely why the hordes of authoritarian collectivism march to and fro upon the world almost entirely unopposed .


Since human existence predates science and the concepts it employs, being a function OF man, it cannot have created him.

Again, this is the real fight. This flat earth stuff is just a distraction. Don’t let it.

2 thoughts on “Flat Earth Conspiracy: I understand the skepticism, but don’t let this distract you from the real fight

  1. I am a person that observes analyses but always consider. I don’t ever take much as gospel but I definitely consider things. Since coming across the flat earth idea at first my knowledge of the universe shut it down. For some reason I have found that the stuff I learn now to be sceptical of. But it never crossed my mind to be spectacle of the things I was taught as a child. So I tried to work this one myself pretending that I had never been taught anything, but I had to observe how the earth was working. There is no proof that the land curves using a telescope and watching a boat sail off. It just gets smaller. But it doesn’t dip, if we were on a curve it should dip round the ball we are told we live on. Then there is the Stars they never move we could stare at them all night but they never move. Yet we are supposed to be spinning at however many 1000 mph. Then although we are told we circle around the sun. Ask urself do you feel like you are? If I erased my knowledge I’d say the sun was spinning around us, I’d also say the sun was in our sky rather then the 90+ million miles away that they say it is. So I am not here telling I believe in flat earth. But this is definitely a “conspiracy” worth considering. Although I don’t feel this is a conspiracy I feel like it’s common sense. When you listen to the theories they apply a lot of common sense. There are a lot of everyday things out there that play into this. Just consider it. Give a couple hours to hear out the theory that’s all you need. Then start doing observing for yourself. This is a theory that if discovered true will change the whole thinking of man. Maybe even open them up to their creator again for those who feel humans just popped out of a chemical reaction.

  2. I don’t know what brought this post on, but I’ve been watching a slew of youtube videos against Islam, so this is fresh on my mind.

    The Koran says that Allah “stretched out the earth like a carpet” (Sura 43:10) So I figure in Moozlim countries there probably are quite a few murderers who kill people for not believing the earth is flat. It also says the Sun literally sets on earth, in a muddy pool. The Jews ask Mohamad to tell them about Dhu’l-Qarneyn (Alexander the Great) because they know Mohamad is an illiterate moron and his answer will be hilarious. Fortunately, big Mo does not disappoint.

    Sura 18:83-91 (Allah speaking to Mohamad) “They will ask thee of Dhu’l-Qarneyn. Say: I shall recite unto you a remembrance of him. Lo! We made him strong in the land and gave him unto every thing a road. And he followed a road Till, when he reached the **setting-place** of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring, and found a people thereabout. We said: O Dhu’l-Qarneyn! Either punish or show them kindness. He said: As for him who doeth wrong, we shall punish him, and then he will be brought back unto his Lord, Who will punish him with awful punishment! But as for him who believeth and doeth right, good will be his reward, and We shall speak unto him a mild command. Then he followed a road Till, when he reached the **rising-place** of the sun, he found it rising on a people for whom We had appointed no shelter therefrom. So (it was). And We knew all concerning him.”

    So Moozlims are stuck defending this crap. They make lame arguments like Alexander the Great was just traveling until it became night and he saw the sun set and it happened to look like it set in a muddy pool…..yeah, ok, because that would obviosuly be impressive enough for Allah to make a big deal about, right? Its obvious that Mohamad literally thinks the sun sets in a muddy pool. Throw in the Hadith, and you find he says so clearly in a context not talking about Alexander the Great. He also says the sun sets between Satan’s ears…whatever that means. So don’t underestimate the stupidity of crazing Jihading loons in the middle east following an illiterate “Book” recited by an illiterate stooge and written down years after his death, written in a language that looks like chicken scratch and sounds demonic (to my English ears).

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