According to the Duggar Girls, Sexually Assaulting Siblings is an Entirely Normal Part of Male Puberty

I watched a bit of the interview of the Duggar daughters last night on the Kelly Files. They said, “He was just curious about girls”.

Umm…what in the hell were these girls told to get them to accept that somehow rank sexual assault is merely a normal product of male puberty? What must these girls think about men?! That all men are designed by God to engage in the most heinous violations of the most innocent of human beings?! What must this do to their own sexual and social development?!

I was a fourteen year old boy. Yes I was “curious” about girls (and “curious” is a euphemism for exactly what you think it’s a euphemism for). No, those girls did not include my sisters. My sisters were gross and had cooties and were annoying as hell and still are for that matter (;-)). And the “girls” I was interested in at 14 were also 14. Well, between 14 and 30. Alright…14 and 50 (some of the older teachers were still kinda hot).

THAT’S normal. And the fact that the Duggar daughters would offer the “it’s just puberty” argument as a means of excusing their brother’s rank sexual deviancy is all you need to know about how sick and twisted this whole affair really is. Someone lied to these girls in order to convince them that the sociopathy to which they were exposed was not only legal, but moral; and thus, in keeping with “God’s perfect design and Will”. And that of course makes any destructive psychological effects these girls may suffer THEIR fault. If they are confused or upset or angry or their own sexual development is arrested it’s because they are “not trusting God”; or “not trusting their parents”, or their pastor, or not believing the Bible, or whatever other lies pass for “sound doctrine” in Christianity today. Their desires for justice and for protection and for healing, however obscure and inarticulate such desires may be in young children, is chalked up to THEIR lack of forgiveness; THEIR unregenerate hearts, which puts them in danger of God’s punishment for THEIR evil assumption that somehow their inherent human total depravity warrants any justice at all; as though unforgiving, grudge-holding reprobates like themselves can expect anything but wrath and condemnation from a God who obviously “allowed” the very thing they claim in their sinful blindness was wrong (insofar as a young child can articulate “wrong”). Since “God controls all things”, according to the Platonist apostasy which passes for Christianity today, then He must at least on some level have been pleased to subject them to their brother’s sexual interlocution. And what does this say about the girls’ lingering doubt about the benevolence of the situation and the innocence of their brother; that it’s all just biology?

It says that if they suffered by the circumstance, clearly they deserved it. God allowed it to show them how evil they are, and how much further they have to go before God can approve them. That in the willful coddling of their own pain God reveals a nature so debauched and so unregenerate that they may never be truly saved.

The Duggar girls explained that mommy and daddy told them that the choice of whether or not to forgive their brother was theirs alone.

Not only is relegating this responsibility to a child who has been sexually assaulted evil and abusive in its own right, CLEARLY these children had no choice at all.

Welcome to the Church. Where there are no innocent victims, not even children; and all victims ex post facto deserve their abuse, and thus the green light is divinely granted for them to be perpetually re-victimized

2 thoughts on “According to the Duggar Girls, Sexually Assaulting Siblings is an Entirely Normal Part of Male Puberty

  1. Thank you for writing and posting this. It is rather heroic… Having very much needed the support of a voice of reason, and remembering you wrote this post, I came here to find it and reread.

    Please never underestimate your power to help someone stand strong and free herself from mental torture. Also, I think your daughters are very, very lucky.

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