Another Sex Crime in the Church; Another Appeal to Satan from the Church to Excuse It

Everything wrong, evil, and destructive in the church in America today can be found in this article. Particularly in the Duggars’ own comments.

Non-specific “treatment” for a severe psychological pathology through untrained, unlicensed friends passing as “efficacious Christian counseling”; ecclesiastical absolution for criminal sexual abuse passing for justice; child victims “forgiving” (being FORCED most likely) the abuser for actions almost certain to cause long term psychological trauma passing for “everyone growing closer to God; the “we are all just sinners saved by grace” Protestant moral equivalency mantra trotted out in defense of the most monstrous of crimes against little children; appeals to the satanic lie of Total Depravity as a means to deny the moral and legal culpability of the abuser and to tacitly implicate  both God and the victims in the crime.

Flee the insatiable fangs of the institutional church for the sake of your mind, body, and soul. Otherwise you may very well find all three on the menu, people.–report-195532368.html?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma

4 thoughts on “Another Sex Crime in the Church; Another Appeal to Satan from the Church to Excuse It

  1. I’ve enjoyed some of your posts, but I’m afraid your losing me with this one for the following reasons:

    1. The perpetrator was 14.

    2. You seem to be labeling that sexual sin (vaguely described) by a 14 year old (maybe a Christ-follower, maybe not) a “Sex Crime in the Church”.

    3. Perhaps the article has changed, but I didn’t find any reference to Satan or Total Depravity in the article or accompanying video/links.

    4. Nobody in the article is excusing or defending the boy’s behavior or culpability. Everyone involved agrees with us that the behavior was inexcusable wrongdoing and a very bad mistake.

    5. You give no indications about what you think the Church should have done back when that happened. What should have been done? Can you explain using passages like Matt 18:15ff and 1 Cor 5-6? How would your preferred course of action have turned out better than the way things did turn out?

    All told, this indicates that you might be too willing and eager to take hard stances based only on very little data, and to try make associations and arguments based on unrelated events, and to leave out relevant data from your arguments, and to complain and condemn without offering useful teaching or edification.

    If that does not describe you, then I think you should consider removing or editing the post, because I think that’s the impression that it gives about you.

  2. Commacct,

    Thanks for reading here and thanks for your comment. Here’s my response:

    Point 1: Irrelevant. A juvenile crime is still a crime. Unwanted and unsolicited sexual acts is a crime, both legally and morally. 14 is considered a legitimate age of criminal responsibility. And 14 was his first offense. He committed subsequent ones at 15 as well, unless I am mistaken.

    Point 2: When I say “in the church”, I mean not the four proper walls. I am referring to those individuals and groups who act under the auspices of specific doctrinal assumptions with respect to a specific theology, and when those doctrines are openly declared to be fundamental guiding principles by which the proselytes live; that is, their existential philosophy. Clearly the Duggars fit this description. And the theology is clearly rooted in Lutheran, Calvinist, and Augustinian ideas, which is the specific interest of this blog. Given the rash of abuse stories similar to this one (the SGM sex scandal comes to mind), I submit that this does indeed qualify as a sex crime in the church. You disagree? Your prerogative.

    Point 3: Since I have said I believe that it is the underlying theology which governed the manner in which the Duggars chose to “treat” their son, and given that I have written extensively on the fundamentally wicked nature of this theology (reformed), the way in which sexual abuse like this is handled in the church is, to me, fully satanic, and consistent with what reformed Christians believe about man’s metaphysic, which is: Man IS Evil. Period.

    Point 4: I categorically disagree. By appealing to ideas like “look how God worked all of this out for good” from the assumption that God is infinitely sovereign, and the fact that they purposely avoided any serious medical, psychological, or legal intervention, I submit that all they are doing is making excuses. They need not do it explicitly for it to be done, nor for it to be noticed.

    Point 5: the church should have called the police immediately, and I don’t mean a friend who HAPPENS to be a police officer; and they should have recommended that Josh get serious, qualified, professional medical and psychological intervention that very minute.

    Point 6: I will not be baited into a pointless, time-wasting proof-texting war. The Bible teaches me that I have a brain and that I am obliged to use it. The verses you cite are an obfuscation at best.

    As far as not having any data? One need look no further than the doctrinal assumptions by which these parents have claimed openly to live. This is a situation that need not have become a cautionary tale for every intellectual larcenist who falsely appeals to rank mysticism as the interpretive lens by which they foolishly and wickedly organize their own existence and that of their children.

  3. Thank you for your response. I read it several times. From your other blog posts that I read, it seems like we probably have a lot of similar opinions, likes and dislikes. Our personalities are different, I guess.

    Anyway, I don’t think there’s anything more I can say that you haven’t already considered, so I’ll leave it at that. God bless and good luck (so to speak) out there!

  4. Commacct,

    Very nice engaging you. I appreciate your interest.

    Our personalities are likely different, yes. The difference is that you have a GOOD one. Whereas I am bullish and somewhat profane. Sigh. I guess one can’t give oneself a personality transplant, huh? Lol!

    Take care.

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