7 thoughts on “My Facebook Page

  1. Hey! You have been holding out on us, posting your thoughts over there and not here! 🙂 I love reading what you have to say about human beings, logic, morality and the like. Some of your statements are so HEALTHY.

  2. Oasis,

    Yes…you are not necessarily wrong. In the past I will take a distilled idea which I have been carrying in my head and then expand it into an article. Facebook has allowed me to post the idea in its distilled form as a means of recording it (so why not share it) and then…I have tended to leave it at that.

    It’s not really laziness so much as it is the schedule I’ve had to keep for the past 10 months. Our family has been dividing our time between our REAL home in Hershey, PA to to our ARTIFICIAL home in Northern VA (and those of you familiar with Fairfax–I grew up here–understand that I do not necessarily use “artificial” in the figurative sense).

    It has been…an unpleasant and difficult scenario. Drained most of my energy.

  3. I understand why you do that with your ideas. Love reading them distilled or expanded. Thanks for sharing them with us, wherever and however you choose.

    Sorry about your tough times. You hang in there and take care!

  4. David,
    Yep. That’s me. As you can see, massive YouTube following going on [wryly; sarcastically].

    I wrote that song way back in 1993. All of them are original but not all that old.

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