“I, Depravity.” (Part Seven of: Collectivist Philosophy Masquerading as the Christian Orthodox Ideal)

“As we learned in the last session, your spiritual progress is directly related to your relationships…

If the group’s goal is to make progress spiritually, then it makes sense to find out where you are now.  And figuring out where you are means taking a hard look at who you are and who you are not.”

(p. 23, “Community:  Your pathway to progress”, North Point Ministries, 2008)

Notice here, once again, that “spiritual progress” is only a function of “your relationships”…which means “the group”, which is a full on collectivist mentality.  Which is always destruction and death and misery by way of collectivist philosophy, which is the root of all of the horrors and abuse ever wrought upon the world, from Kim Jung-un to Caligula to the Babylonian Captivity.  It will undoubtedly be the philosophy of Gog and Magog.

Since spiritual progress is thus group progress, and group progress is the only legitimate existential progress (by way of logical extension of the premise), one’s life, it must be assumed, must be completely submitted to the group, period.  And again, with one being unable to state this often enough, this is collectivist (commonly, “Marxist”) philosophy in pure, uncut form.

“As we learned in the last session, your spiritual progress is directly related to your relationships.”

Yet more affirmation of the group metaphysic.  The orthodox notion of “total depravity” means that individuals are depravity itself…that depravity is, in fact, each individual’s metaphysical absolute.  This being the case, there is really no autonomous “self” by which anyone can reference their life’s context and content.  You are depravity, which is absolute.  As such, there is nothing apart from you which you can claim untainted and untouched by depravity.  And again, since you are depravity itself, there is nothing else to you.  Your body and mind are illusions…you observations and thoughts, beliefs and assumptions are facades.  Your depravity is absolute, which means it is infinite, which means there is nothing else besides.  The phrase then “I am depraved”, is false.  There is no “I” anywhere in the existential equation.  There is no separation between “I” and “depraved”.  The more accurate rendering of the phrase–that is, more in keeping with the philosophical assumptions of orthodox Christianity (which is basically all of Christianity today)–is “I, Depravity”.

You see, “I”, as distinct from your evil,  is the great lie…the whore of your mind, and it needs to be stoned to death by the group in service to “your” liberation; what they call “salvation”.  Of course, the question begged is that if there is no such thing as you, because there is no separation between you and Depravity, then just who is getting “saved”?

The answer? The group alone is “saved”.  Which makes the purpose of your individual self this: elimination in service to the group.  And who is the group?  Those who are in charge, period.  The authority, which is God’s proxy here on earth.  Or, in other words, God, Himself, as far as you are concerned.

And this is why I laugh so hard when I see Christians on television wringing their hands about the swath of death and dismemberment being wreaked upon the middle east by the carriers of Islamic world plague.  The only difference between Christian “orthodoxy” and the Islamic fascist hordes is that the Islamic fascist hordes have no compunction about taking their assumptions to their logical conclusion:  believe or die, infidel.


Depravity represents a categorical force of evil, which possesses no legitimate consciousness or awareness of SELF.  It is blind…instinctive, and pitted against the group by its mere nature, rendering you, as an individual, an animal of sorts.  A monster of pure, unrestrained apostasy and vice.  Unthinking, unknowing, unloving.  Having no real consciousness then (and for the moment we will forgo discussing the fact that absolute and infinite depravity must be fundamentally equal to and the moral equivalent of God, Himself, making current Christian theology the wide road, ironically, to hell)…yes, having no real consciousness then, the individual, representing absolute depravity, has no rational nor functional nor efficacious epistemology; that is, he or she cannot know anything…cannot apprehend truth of any kind.  All existence (self) and all truth (understanding) can only come about via the wholesale destruction of the individual in service to the collective.  Therefore, only by complete integration to the group, with the full expectation of the death of SELF being the inevitable price of inclusion, does the individual have access to “life” (and this is ironic beyond words…not to mention a full on contradiction in terms).  Alone, you are literally nothing at all.

Stay tuned for part seven.

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