Clarification of Blog Intermission

I wasn’t going to go here, but things moved quickly for me today…I explain in the text below.  So, after working through a big issue today I figured I am in a position to post an explanation of what’s going on here, if that makes any sense.  Maybe it doesn’t.  Anyway, it’s nothing earth shattering, just…er, details I suppose.


Thanks everyone for you kind words and encouragement. You guys are all great..and I mean you, too, Dee. 🙂

Nothing big is going on. I just have an awful lot of material here and I’m trying to decide where to focus the blog, or even if I need to focus it at all. Meaning, should I continue to do what I do here and just post whatever catches my fancy, or should I make a concerted effort to keep myself to some of what I consider my most pertinent themes and write articles specific to those themes, and little else?

The problem I’m having is, again, I have a LOT of content here at home that never makes it to the blog because I always seem to get “sidetracked” (by my own fickle attention span) into writing articles that are more impromptu…that is, written on the fly, as opposed to a concerted effort to post the stuff that I spend hours and hours both thinking about and also writing down in article form.

So, there’s that.

The other issue I was having is trying to decide who I thought my reader should be. I never stopped to think about what kind of “market” I’m going for. Not that I’m interested in the blog as a means of financial profit…that’s not what I mean by that at all.  I’m not in a position where that’s necessary (thankfully, because I’m not convinced it’s possible anyway…I’d have to go get a day job 🙂  ). I have a sugar momma for that, who sees fit to take care of my material needs because I watch the kids and do the homeschooling, and because she makes three times what I made doing what I used to do and loves her job where I hated mine.  So, we both win!  (But I have a doctorate and she only has a masters…so I win in the education category; that’s how my ego deals with that, LOL).

But I figured that if I could decide who I’m writing for it might help guide my content so that it isn’t so scattered.  (But the other issue is that I’m not sure that scattered is a bad thing.) Please know that I welcome ALL readers, of course…but I think having a specific audience in mind really helps to organize not only my article content but even the writing itself.

Today I solved that problem. I thought to myself: I don’t believe in “groups” except as an abstraction. So I stopped thinking of the “market” in terms of bunches of people and began to realize that everything is rooted in the individual, even an “audience” for a blog. For “groups” is merely how we conceptualize a specific number (also an abstract concept) of individuals (existential singularities of SELF). So I stopped asking myself which “group” should be the focus and began to ask myself which PERSON I am writing for. The answer came quickly: the people who already read here. People who are no longer interested in blindly accepting the philosophical ideas that pervade society and the world and which find their most abusive and oppressive conclusions, thanks to their obvious-but-sort-of-not inherent contradictions, in organized “orthodox” religion (specifically dealing with the neo-Calvinism movement, which I know WELL) and in government; and in some instances, even in personal relationships. People like me who for years have been told they are crazy and now are on a quest to determine if that really is so, or if there is something inherent in the thinking which disallows us to truly exist as a SELF, instead maintaining that we are nothing more (or should strive to be nothing more) than a “component” of some external standard (outside the existential singularity of SELF)…just because it is assumed that the people who are the “keepers” of the standard simply know better. People who wonder if “knowing better” is nothing more than conceding a bunch of fucking contradictions and then resorting to some form of violence to silence those who have the gumption to stand up and say, “Er, wait a minute…”.

So the problem of “who is the audience” was resolved very quickly, to my surprise, and happily so. That’s fully half the battle there, so I would think that this hiatus shouldn’t be very long. Perhaps a few days or a week or so to think about what I actually what to SAY to everyone now that I know who “everyone” is, so to speak. Do I want to continue to post seat-of-my-pants retorts to things I read on other blog articles, or responses to commenters (which are my favorite things to write), or should I discipline myself to post the material which I spend 90% of my time musing over and writing with the intention of posting but never sees the light of the LCD (I hand write most of my material…I just love to write with a pencil; something about being in elementary school…I miss those days)? Is that stuff of any interest to people? Too esoteric…theoretical…heavy? And should I care? It is important stuff…no, I wouldn’t be reserved in admitting that, but it may be dry…and why should that make a difference?  Where is the line between reader consideration and personal fulfillment in posting material I think is fresh and enlightening but which may not be appreciated by an audience who might (rightly and understandably) reject its…hmm, more clinical and less sardonic nature?

Anyway…that’s what’s going on. Like I said, nothing big, just a little administrative thinking with respect to where to take this thing, and how to get it there. I mean, I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal; I’m not particularly popular relative to other blogs (DEE 🙂  ). Still, with the amount of time I invest in this thing I do want to try to get it as right as I can.

9 thoughts on “Clarification of Blog Intermission

  1. Thank goodness no writing to a group. Turns into group think real quick.

    Yes! Individuals!

  2. Jason,

    LOL. Yeah…but I want to have a coherent objective. Maybe I do, but I’m the type of person who needs to define it in my mind. That’s kind of what I’m doing this week.:-)

  3. Lydia,

    And “group” doesn’t materially (actually) exist. It’s a conceptual abstraction. So I realized that it just wasn’t rational to try to write for a “market”. My purpose is PEOPLE. And people are individuals (or, as I refer to them in the pretentious metaphysical sense 🙂 “singularities of SELF”).

  4. Self units. Hee Hee.

    I have been taking a look at the “individual self” juxtaposed with the idea of the “corporate body of Christ”. Interesting stuff. We got way off track millennia ago when we shifted to “group with an oligarchy” instead of “individuals” coming together with a corporate purpose but differing gifts.

    Ex: “The eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of you”. The individuals of the corporate group is imperative for it be a real Body of Christ. The value of the individual must be front and center for it to work. Otherwise you need force. .

  5. Can you please have an article or 2 for Dummies 101, Dummies 201 and 301 regarding Calvinism, neocalvinism, epistemology etc. that I can make reference to. Perhaps more clarity instead of just rants. I love the rants and colourful adjectives.

  6. Popularity means precious little. Need I say Mark Driscoll, Joel Osteen, Steven Furtick, etc.? The tides can turn rather quickly so just write from your heart and you will love what you do!

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