“Christian” Presented Before the King: The Penitent Neo-Calvinist at the Throne of Judgement

And the King shall say, ” Christian, tell me.  How hath thou applied what hast been revealed to you regarding your life, its purpose, and my glory?”

And Christian shall say, “Lord, I appeal to the Christ and beg you to acknowledge His work as mine own, that His obedience with respect to the application of thy truths revealed be accepted by my Lord likewise as mine own.”

And the King shall say, “I see.  Then tell me, Christian, how is it that thou hath understood this thing?  That the Christ must grant His own obedience to the revelation unto you, that thou may thus stand before this judgement throne and give it to me?”

And Christian shall say, ‘Oh Lord, permit me to answer and I shall, with my face bowed and my body prostrate.  Indeed, by your grace only I shall respond.  Thus:  Because He and thou hath revealed unto me that I am an unworthy and utterly wicked servant to the King.  And as this then must be true, it follows that any work of mine own can by no means be acceptable unto you; because he who hast done the work, if I claim the work to be mine own, must be wholly corrupt and wicked to the bone so many are my transgressions to which my corruption hath given rise, from the day of my birth until this day.”

And the King shall say, “And how is it that thou hath understood this then, Christian?  How hath thou apprehended that thou are a wicked servant from the day of your birth until now, and therefore cannot but work evil in my sight, and never good, as a bad tree must put forth bad fruit?”

And Christian shall say, “Why King, ’tis a simple answer you seek:  for you hath revealed it unto me.  And, please forgive me Lord, for I am a wholly wicked fool, but allow me one question, and please do not strike  me in your righteous anger.  I shall ask you thus, trusting in your charity:  have I not been clear in this, my Lord?  Forgive my failure if I have been found wanting in my supplication, and have somehow vexed thee.”

And the King shall say, “You have been clear in this thing, Christian, and yet one thing still doth vex me.  For if you are wholly corrupt in your wickedness, from the day of your birth until this day, and an unworthy servant thus, with all other descriptions befitting your character being then utterly subservient to your unwholesomeness, how is it that thou  hath discerned good from evil in this matter?  How is it that thou hath understood your need for the Christ to placate me on your behalf, that all thy work is evil work, and His work is good, and hath therefore understood that His work must be granted to you for your life’s sake, because He is a wholly good man and you are not?  How hast this been learned by you, that you hath conceded the revelation of it thus as truth?  For indeed if thou canst learn this revelation, and recite it before me so well, and claim it to be wholly good and necessary, must this not then mean that thou are rightly able to discern good from evil?  And if thou canst discern it, and act to concede the revelation in your thoughts and heart as you have so done before this throne, Christian, what is thy excuse for not pursuing the good and forsaking the evil yourself, that thou might not instead demand before me that the Christ must pursue obedience to the good on your behalf, though thou hast acknowledged it as good in your heart, and yet have claimed that thou cannot act upon this knowledge because thou is wholly wicked; and therefore thou comes before me in thine arrogance and false humility, admitting that thou hast proceeded to do nothing from himself?”

And Christian shall say, “O Lord, do not be angry.  Hath I not made my supplication clear?  For this knowledge of thine revelation is not such that can be learned, for man is indeed, Lord, wholly evil (forgive me, Lord, for I must correct thee in this thing) but ’tis knowledge that can be only revealed, O Lord.”

And the King shall say, “To whom is it revealed, Christian?”

And Christian shall say, “Why, to me, O Lord.  By  thine grace alone, for I cannot learn it.  For I am a wicked son.”

And the King shall say, “Indeed, thou are a wicked man, Christian, but thou are no son of man.  For if you existed, then I would hath revealed it unto you, and you would hath learned it thus; for how can a revelation be understood as worthy and true if thou bitterly deny thine grasping of it according to a wholly wicked heart, and therefore do not pursue it as one to whom it hast been revealed?  But as it is, I say to you that your own words hath condemned you.  For thou hast said it hast been revealed unto me, and yet I was too wicked and evil a son learn it and pursue it thus in obedience to mine King, who hath revealed it.  Therefore thou hast both declared thine inexorable and infinite evil, and also hath lied to the face of the King.  Thou hast claimed a self who hast understood good and evil, by which thou sees thyself as wholly  wicked according to the revelation, but thou denies thine presence as one who is able to receive my revelation and acknowledge its truth because thou hast replaced thyself, O Christian, with utter evil.  Therefore I say to you, away from me you worker of iniquity, and be cast into the darkness.  For I never knew you; because by your own lips you hath proclaimed that there was never a you for the King to know.

6 thoughts on ““Christian” Presented Before the King: The Penitent Neo-Calvinist at the Throne of Judgement

  1. “For I never knew you; because by your own lips you hath proclaimed that there was never a you for the King to know.”

    great ending! How true. How can one ever really be sure it is “Christ in you” when they are so totally depraved they had no idea what they were ever doing since they were born? How can they convince us it was not really the Evil One speaking to them since they claim they retain their wicked hearts?

  2. Lydia,

    That is exactly the point I am trying to make. It is worse than false humility. It is a lie before God. To claim that you can know good from evil and then deny that you are then responsible for your choices is completely irrational. Somehow, people believe that God can be amused by displays of rank rejection of all knowledge by virtue of their depravity. The knowledge they reject cannot exempt God, Himself, nor their OWN selves.

    I hate to go there, but I wonder how many people who truly reject all knowledge of self and God by substituting wholly determinist forces for their minds and bodies can really be saved. Who or what do they think God can save when they reject the only frame of reference they have to know or believe anything?

    Did you get the Pilgrim’s Progress reference? 🙂

    Bunyan was quite the Calvinist I gather.

  3. Have you read Pilgrims Progress? I read it long ago in lit class but then again probably about 15 years ago. It is hard for me to slog through as I am not a big fan of that genre. I will have to go back and read it with “choice” in mind. :o)

    Yes, he fought for Cromwell. Then was jailed by Charles 2. Both Calvinists. Ironic, eh?

  4. I tried to slog through it. I couldn’t do it. I got about halfway through before I finally admitted to myself it was rubbish. And that was when I was still a Calvinist. LOL

  5. Read Pictures of Calvinism and then reread Progress.It will make perfect sense to you.

  6. I would still like to totally understand the parable of the talents in light of the above.

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