The Full-On Moral Hollocaust of America’s Christian Impostors: Cal Thomas’s rank treatise on Platonist-rooted Gnosticism disguised under a false front of Christ

Okay…so, the title may or may not be hyperbolic.  I’ll let you decide.  For me, I find the subtly of the tyranny the most disturbing.  It is soothing in its delivery.  We think these people are merely preaching the love of Christ.  In reality, the conclusions of their dogma are anything but loving.  For in their understanding of the world and their faith, there is no room in the equation for you and me.  Not really.  We are shells at best…illusions.  Shadows of forms.  Tossed to and fro by the dualism of Evil Nature and Sovereign God.  On one side of the Calvinist coin, neither can be distinguished from the other, for the equality of the control of each over humanity is demanded by the doctrine.  On the other side, God is in control of all of it.  Your sin nature, and sin in general, is just as much a direct function of God as your salvation. The doctrine also demands this.  The coin contradicts itself.  It is a valueless coin.  A NO-sided coin.

And how is that interpreted by the Calvinist despots at the podium?  Why, as absolute and divine truth, of course.  You see, the best way to control people is to preach a theology which makes God unable to convey even the most basic of common sense to His children, and then tell the children it is their fault, and that they are going to hell because they are too stupid to understand what God has designed them purposefully to not be able to understand because apparently He couldn’t figure out how to design them with the ability to understand.

Er…makes sense?  No?  Good.  If it made sense, they’d call you a heretic and burn you at the stake.  How dare you pretend to understand God, you worm.  Only PASTOR has that right.  Somehow.

So, see?  Where are YOU in the doctrine?  Where are you and HOW are you able to even BE you?  You are nothing!  You don’t exist…for your very thoughts are merely the direct extension of God’s will which has already determined you.  So, I ask:  Will the real YOU stand up?  If you see yourself–your life, and your will and your choice and YOUR reward or judgement that YOU earned–please let me know where to find him/her.  I’ve been searching in this metaphysical coffin for a long time, and so far all I find is more coffin.

But we fill the churches with the best and brightest, so many successful and rational minds, do we not?  But under the veneer of intellectual empiricism and stoic common sense “values” is where you so often find the worst kind of evil.  Because it is precisely in those places and in those minds where you find the search is not for how to elevate the individual to a place of moral value and perfect truth by allowing him/her to actually BE themselves–which is how God made them and how they will approach the judgement throne–but rather, the search is to find the panacea for all of the ills the individual human being creates.  There are constructs and paradigms and doctrines and philosophies and Standard Models all proclaiming or hoping to proclaim one day that they are THE solution for the UNIVERSE…the cure for nature’s most malignant and destructive virus:  the free thinking human being.  For his removal is truly the answer when all the pretensions are removed and exposed for the impossible contradictions they are.

The idea then is to remove man from himself by hopefully finding, one day, sooner rather than later (for you must understand the urgency of the matter…after all, the earth and the animals and the minorities and the vegans and the communists and the “unsaved” and those without healthcare are simply dropping like flies in the face of the virulent disease of individual human freedom)…yes, one day soon man will be cured by finding the right universal equation OUTSIDE of himself that he has just been too stupid or too blind or too stubborn to find yet.  And if man then can just take this equation and plug it into his asshole like an electronic hose from the Matrix, he’ll be set on the right track to perfection…to morality and truth and all manner of peace, and everyone will be able to fill in their proper place like a cosmic game of Tetris, and all will be taken care of and you won’t worry about all the the things you lost and your soul which is now a condom for the altruistic government, or religion, or culture, or society, or whatever primary consciousness in consideration, to use while it rapes you in order to save you from your own existence.

And so the real search is revealed.  It is not the search for how to make man better, for that assumes an individual can be a solution; that an individual has worth.  No, no.  Again, man, himself, is the problem.  So the search is not for how to improve man but for how to remove man from himself.  To put him into a law that exists beyond him in order that he may become the law, and only then is he “perfect”.  Perfect existence is actual or functional non-existence, so the premise goes.  Which makes sense.  How is man reconciled to an absolute (infinite) truth outside himself?  By getting the fuck out of its way, that’s how.  Man is closer to fine the further he finds himself from himself.

In other words.  Death is the panacea for LIFE’S ills.

So…what else is new?  It’s the same argument given by every psychopath and tyrant from the Lenin to Lucifer.  And yet we send our kids to university after university, pursuing degree after degree, in search of ways to make this universal “truth” both more palatable and more subliminal to the barbarian masses.  We think surely the next evil dictator, the next Platonist philosopher, the next reformed protestant mega-church demagogue, the next atheist scientist, the next professor of political science or linguistics, the next collectivist President, the next warmongering monarch will find an idea that demands the death of the individual (mankind) and proclaims the final solution as the the most obvious one and yet…well, without it being obvious at all, and hopefully without the actual death part.  Because ignoring the death part is what makes the Platonists/altruists/collectivists/Marxists/Calvinists/etc. seem so loving.

From Islam to Communism, from Marx to Kant to Plato to the Gnostics, from Calvinism to Roman Catholicism, Augustine to the Reformation, from Manifest Destiny to the Cold War and the Arms Race and racism and the oppression of lesbians and gays and minorities, to white teenagers who happen to wear a shirt with a Confederate Flag on it , to black teenagers who happen to have a shirt with Tupac on it, to the Standard Model of physics which refuses to concede its own obvious circular and infinite conclusions which can result only in a complete collapse of ALL of its presumptions…

Well.  Go back to school kids.  No one has dodged the “death is life” contradiction yet.  Good luck.  See you at Burger King.

Ah…but kids, wait!  Perhaps there is hope!  For here is Cal Thomas, speaking at Wade Burleson’s Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Oklahoma.  And he has thrown his hat into the ring!  It seems he thinks he has found the equation which man can jump right into and see God’s good times abound in America like a ho-down in a whore house!  Without the fornication that is…gotta be sensitive to “God’s chosen people”, those good old Southern Baptists, who don’t go for that sort of smut.  And they define smut as whores and any translation of the bible other than the King James…though, in some places, the ESV is growing as an acceptable alternative.  It seems even smut can be less smutty if the doctrine is “sound”.

Let’s see if Cal Thomas can succeed where all other violent overlords have failed.

Returning to the subject of Cal Thomas’s sermon at Wade Burleson’s Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Oklahoma, posted on September 1, 2013 on, which can be accessed here, I would like to address only a portion of what is both wrong and terrifying about the assertions and assumptions of Cal’s sermon.  This is not Christ in the true sense…for it is impossible, within the confines of Cal’s wholly Calvinist interpretive construct, to find any room for humanity.  And if humanity cannot be included in the salvation equation, then man cannot be saved.  Because man cannot functionally exist.  Which is why Calvinism is nothing more than a cult of death.  It is a world view that finds TRUTH only in the DEATH of humanity; only in man’s literal or psychological erasure. It is obsessed with and worships not God, but the primary consciousness of Bible and Cross, because as absolutes, these become effective instruments of war.  Their only purpose is to bludgeon and hack humanity either into utter submission to their “divine” standing as God’s appointed authority, or to death in service to the absolute TRUTH of Bible and Cross, which can NEVER, by definition, being declared wholly and utterly true only apart from man, suffer any human being as a SELF of his or her own.  And thus, the only way truth can reign, as Cal will clearly explain, is by a.) the wholesale rejection of man and his rational thought as the source of metaphysical and epistemological value, and by b.) the compelling of humanity into right behavior and thinking by either witnessing their “conversion experience”, that is, their acceptance of of “God’s” divine absolute ecclesiastical authority (Cal Thomas, and whatever pastor of whatever neo-reformed church declares it) without any appeal to reason or consistency of ideas or human context or worth at all…or, well, by the most obvious and expeditious method:  violence…granted by God to those he has divinely called to “lovingly” “shepherd”, as His divinely sanctioned punishment for the rebellion and wickedness of the non-conforming, stiff necked unbeliever.  Unfortunately for humankind, it is power these mystic despots assume simply because certain of their fellow human beings who do not conform to the spiritual caste system have decided on their own (the nerve!) that the notion of “agree with me before you can understand me” is no moral basis for conceding an opposing idea.

And the Calvinists have the audacity to call the “unsaved” blind to the “truth”.  They wouldn’t know truth if it appeared to them in a flash of light on the Damascus road.  And, no, I’m not exaggerating.  These people have put their senses and reason so far away from themselves that they do not and cannot possess a doctrine which grants that they can judge anything correctly.  They can’t “see” a road, or a light, or Damascus.  They are blind guides, leading blind financiers.

Here are a few of the more salient excerpts from Cal’s sermon.  Like I said, you can access the entire sermon for yourself by clicking on the link provided above.  At Wartburg Watch, you can enjoy the onslaught of moral horror in its commercial-free, unedited entirety.  If you are sartorially  creative, perhaps the sermon could make an effective costume for this year’s Hallows Eve frightful festivities.  You’d sure scare the shit out of me.

“We have a vacuum in the world, and do you know what it is?  We have turned away from God and God has given us over.”

“…it behooves us, then’ he [quoting Abraham Lincoln] said, ‘to humble ourselves [as a nation; with respect to an assumption of a widespread, national rejection of God]  before the offended Power.  And to pray for national clemency and forgiveness.’”

“All of these things we are seeing [terrorism, economic downturns in our country] are not the cause of a decadence, they are a reflection of it.  We have forgotten God.  We have made idols and we are worshiping them.  Oh…not the kinds of idols that the ancient Israelites did…not of wood or stone.  But we have our own idols.  Some of us worship America.  Some of us put in so much time trying to fix what is wrong with America…maybe we’ll elect the right leaders, and they’ll be able to fix what is wrong with America.  Republican or democrat, liberal or conservative…they can’t fix what is wrong with America because they can’t fix what is wrong with Americans.  The problem isn’t in Washington, it’s right in here [taps chest…indicating “heart”].  The problems aren’t economic or political, they are moral and spiritual.  And if the politicians can’t even solve the economic and political ones, how are they ever gonna touch the spiritual ones.  I’m mean it’s just…it’s impossible.  So, God has brought us to this point.”

And I want to talk about the idol that America has become.. Now the question before us this morning is…can and should followers of Jesus of Nazareth seek to produce righteousness behavior in our land through politicians and through the unredeemed by political activism alone or even by political activism mainly. Now I’m not calling for withdrawal…surrendering or giving up.  I’m calling for an enlisting in a new army with better weapons.  We’ve seen in recent years certain religious political movements under different names—the Moral Majority, of which I was a part for a while.  The Christian Coalition.  One defunct, and the other not much more than a P.O. Box.  How much has improved culturally?  Are there more politicians acting more uprightly in their lives…?  The expectations inherent in political/religious activism rest on a false premise.  It is that unsaved people can be forced to embrace righteousness through politics and government and that they will accept laws based on such principles.  Now, ask yourself…when you talk to an unbeliever, do you persuade them on the correctness of your position on abortion, same sex marriage, whatever it may be?  Probably not.  That’s because they’ve not been transformed by the renewing of their minds.  So this is kind of futile to expect righteous behavior from the unredeemed.

Break for a minute.  Look at Cal’s assumption:  reasoned discussion with “unbelievers” is impossible, because at their root they are unreasonable.  They are animals.  They function only by the instincts of their depraved nature.  Therefore, there can be no efficacious exchange of ideas with them, because only God can GIVE them the truth (against their will, just like their “sin” is against their will, because both virtue and vice, Cal firmly believes, is utterly outside of human beings); truth cannot be learned.  This is the single greatest assumption you must, must, must understand is a foundational assertion of all who preach an ideology of collectivist altruism.

This is the most base form of spiritual tyranny and horror.  The root problem of Americans is that God hasn’t seen fit to grant them en masse the “wisdom” and “understanding” that He has given to Cal Thomas…for whatever reason that Cal cannot explain and so he NEVER goes there, nor does any other reformed teacher.  It is assumed in the faith that this falls under the category of cosmic, divine “mystery”.

And so what then can be the only course of action?  What then can be the only logical assumption Cal can be making on how to deal with the depraved animals that run this country and live in it in the fullness of their vicious God-rejected flesh?  What do you think?  What does history teach us happens to human beings when they are thought of in such terms?

There is NO peaceful return to God-glorifying values from Cal’s philosophical frame of reference, I don’t give a shit how they talk of a non-violent and gentle political transformation of America.  A cursory look at history and the bloodshed of Europe during and after the Reformation proves that notion to be a rank farce.  There can only be one course of action.  Spiritual terrorism, culminating in physical terrorism and murder.  Give the barbarians a chance to convert.  If they refuse, destroy them or banish them.  There can, by definition, be no effective argument to convince the mind of someone to your ideas when their root ability to comprehend your message is dependent on God’s arbitrary divine revelation.  And further, that revelation can only be observed by them agreeing with you before the debate even gets off the ground.  So, it is simple.  Convert or die.  There is no discussion.  Like I said in my last post, Cal Thomas unblushingly  declaring “radical Islam” the greatest threat to the world is  jaw-dropping in its hypocrisy.

What Cal is insinuating here is that he doesn’t  want to argue his ideas effectively with anyone because he will never concede that he must argue his ideas effectively.  He is right simply because he is Cal Thomas; and God, for some mysterious reason, has decided that Cal Thomas gets to be right, always.  Period.  Full stop.  Convert or die, infidel.  God told Cal Thomas that He likes Cal Thomas better than you.

Finally, notice the recurring theme in this sermon and all sermons by neo-Calvinist preachers lamenting and bemoaning the debauchery of modern American society and the mass exodus of free thinkers from their churches…the bastions of God’s “truth” and “authority”.  Notice how it is never their fault.  It couldn’t possibly have to do with their flat-out refusal to discuss the epistemological rationality of their doctrine.   It is never that they cannot provide a consistently logical assumption that an individual human being can practically apply to their life.  Nope, it’s never them.  It’s never Cal Thomas.  Never, never, never, ever.  The problem is simply and always YOU.  Not your ideas, really, or your opinions or even your depraved, “worldly” actions.  The problem is just that you ARE.  You exist.  And that’s the root of America’s moral decline.  And so how do you make people conform to your moral code when the roadblock to their conformity is their rank existence? Well…you certainly don’t bother with arguing, for starters.  Only a raving hypocritical lunatic argues that life is evil while speaking with lungs full of fresh air.  So they don’t argue.  They invent false doctrines which declare them exempt from reason and debate and defending what they believe in the arena of ideas.  They invent false doctrines which provide them divine license to torment and terrorize with licentious theology and threats and violence while they pretend to speak for God.

And this is nothing new.  I’m sure Cal and Wade think they are just something special in their Daddy’s eyes.  So full of kindness and mirth and winsome callings.  I’m sure their fame and wealth in their eyes is God’s favor shining down like a blessed mountain mist.  They are hearing “Well done, good and faithful servant” a hell of a lot earlier than the rest of us debauched slobs, wallowing in the filth of our constitutionally protected democratic freedoms.  In our stench of Enlightenment, individualistic thinking (well…some of us, anyway).  They are just cute and fuzzy and peachy as far as God is concerned.

In truth, what they are is history repeating itself in a terrible and bloody way.  Nothing more.  They are their evil doctrine’s forgone conclusion.  A footnote in a future cautionary tale.

[Next: Part Three]

5 thoughts on “The Full-On Moral Hollocaust of America’s Christian Impostors: Cal Thomas’s rank treatise on Platonist-rooted Gnosticism disguised under a false front of Christ

  1. “So, God has brought us to this point.”

    Argo, Cal is doing what they all do. They “:blame” God without even realizing it. I believe humans brought us to this point. Not God. I am sick and tired of Christians blaming God.

    If God brought us to this point then how does one explain the bloody Reformation? The historical slaughtering done in His Name?

    I find interesting he quotes Abe Lincoln who is best known for appealing to the “better angels of our nature”. And believed there is the ability to do good in every human. He writes about it for crying out loud. Guess Cal missed that one?

  2. Lydia,

    Of course you are right. The doctrine of God’s sovereignty demands God’s culpability in evil. But they can’t quite bring themselves to say as much out loud, for obvious reasons. So they invent the notion of the “sin nature”, exonerate God (somehow), blame man, even though man cannot be morally culpable when choice is impossible, and punt the entire bundle of impossible contradiction and evil theology into the cosmic abyss of God’s mysterious ways.

    The fact that they can be so militant in their refusal to acknowledge their clear contradictory thinking makes me sure that another holocaust is not only possible, but likely. Man, it seems, can and will believe anything.

  3. If God inspired Paul, then its all God’s fault. Only if he didn’t can God be let off the hook.

  4. James –

    You can be the one to tell God it is an either or scenario and there can’t be any other possibilities as to why YOU have a hard time with Paul’s writings.

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