A Message of Hope for the Unreformed and (therefore) Falsely Accused (Part I)

The more I think and the more I hear what is said and see what is done, the more I am astounded that pastoral ministry thrives the way it does in this country.  I’m incredulous at the amount of power the reformed minister has.  I’m shocked at the kind of lock-step thinking which accompanies their every whim and word.  I’m sickened and flummoxed by the categorical willingness educated people display when it comes to appealing to their passive thinking and implementing the rationally defunct and empathy-exhausted “doctrine” which passes for wisdom and godliness but produces endless amounts of human collateral damage.

And yet, I must admit that, feeling this way, I am surprised at myself.  I’m also more than a little embarrassed; and even more than that, ashamed.  I was just that way.  Educated, moral (or so I thought), humble and gentle.  I gave my money and time and mind to monsters who preach debased ideas which to this day torture and torment all manner of innocents ceaselessly, most profound of which are the children who suffer behind the “covering” of reformed pedophiles and maniacs.

And yet, even more amazingly and abysmally, there is always an eternal cue begging to be let into the club; and those already in the club are ceaselessly begging for more.

Cult of death?  Yes I said it.  Indeed.

Who are these monsters?

They are the gnostics.  The divines.  The mystics.  The purveyors of the single greatest and largest autocracy in America:  the “pastors/elders-in-the-stead” of the modern neo-reformed, neo-calvinist churches.  Some are from small groups.  Some are from large ones.  But they are all the same, frankly.  They provide what they call “covering”.  And the covering is nothing more than a veil which serves to shield them from the watchful eyes of reason and love and even God, Himself, if that were possible.

They stand up there with their haughtiness and narcissistic disposition and feign humility.  They toss out false and heretical, logically impossible, metaphysically irrational ideas with great aplomb, and soaring soliloquies regarding the supremacy of God’s Marxist Christian collective, and lie with words like “I am just like you; we are all alike in Christ; merely sinners saved by grace”.

Trust me, their doctrine by no means teaches them that.  Those that say it does are either ignorant or liars.

In their “messages” (at my old church, SGM [shiver, cringe, shudder, self-flagellate] they stopped being “sermons” like a million years ago; I don’t know why…another big gnostic secret I suppose)…at any rate, in their messages they offer a myriad of absolute theoretical constructs ((like “total depravity”, for example; or, even simpler, “denial of self”, or “local church”, etc., etc.), with no practical/applicable qualification whatsoever.  No rational, objective example; no context; no rational explanation of how this absolute doctrine/idea/theology (all mere euphemisms for “subjective opinions”) might reveal itself as true and efficacious in a person’s everyday life is ever revealed.

This is partly because the reformed leaders don’t really know anyone.  Their theology does not allow them to acknowledge that actual, individual human lives are at stake, and that those lives are worth something to God.  And this is because the church exists to service, not God, nor the “sheep”, but them, the leadership, who are God in the stead.  And this is purely logical from their point of view.  They are as good as God, thus, sacrificing oneself daily as commanded by scripture obviously means, if you are a lowly bench warmer, wholly granting the sum and soul of your life to the leadership.  The equation is a simple one:

God=leadership=categorical and infinite entitlement.

And so the only examples they give in sermons when preaching on this or that absolute concept are ones that spring from either their lives, or family, or, more often, merely their own minds.  Some of the less ostentatious pastors might decide to offer no examples at all, preferring to let the absolute just hang out there in the wind like so much old cheese, the sum of itself… its meaning, somehow, speaking for itself.  The “elect” will grasp it, and apply it properly whether they realize it or not.  The unfortunate un-elect…well, their damnation is deserved after all, lest they “turn and be healed.”  Again, you see, they don’t feel they need to truly know anyone else because no one else exists.  For if they acknowledge actual human need then they must deny their doctrine, which demands that people are NEVER themselves, but always some “thing” which is merely an extension of of another force.  Usually, the force is depravity or sin, and so they cannot acknowledge that, obviously.  But if the force happens to be God “doing” through the “elect” person, well, God certainly doesn’t need their help, does he?  Either way, practically speaking, empirically speaking, the laity is on their own.  They are functionally dead to the truly reformed/Calvinist eldership.

Make no mistake about that.

YOU are worth nothing alive, is essentially the doctrine.  Human beings acknowledging that they have an individual “self” which warrants attention of any kind, including and especially love, are the single greatest evil and problem in the universe.  God HATES you.  That is the core “truth” of reformed theology.  Period.  Three words provide all the practical application you need, sinner.

So, again, one of many great flaws in neo-reformed teaching–and really, in the church in general today–is the proffering of absolute and thus purely theoretical “doctrines” which are never actually qualified (because they cannot be); and the implicit truth behind this is the fact that, being that these are absolutes, man must conform to them.  For an absolute must be limitless, by definition, and so “sound doctrine” can never conform to man–any more than an infallible bible can conform to man’s context.  Man is in the unenviable position of having to both accept and live with the fact that he is FOR doctrine and the bible, not the other way around (which is obviously false; for neither would exist without man in the first place).  Man exists in service to absolutes which he can never by definition attain or achieve because he is obviously, demonstrably, and objectively limited.  This creates a mankind which is perpetually failing; perpetually losing; and perpetually being routed in his existential truth.  He can never win, by definition.  The sum of his truth then is purely how far along towards completion his destruction is.  The more pain, the more damage, the more depleted and barren the man (or woman…especially the woman), the more that man stands as a witness to the absolute-ness of the absolute idea.   And the more he or she is a testimony to the “truth” of the absolute idea, which is as indestructible as it is infinite.  And this, horrifically, is a good thing to those who accept the gnostic apostasy of Calvinism, rooted in Luther’s reformation theology. 

And they see this absolute idea as proof of their “godly” wisdom, when it is nothing more than insanity run amok in the hands of men who believe it is their God-given mandate to sacrifice human beings to His absolutes; His “sound doctrine”.  But really it is the confusing of the theoretical with the actual.  It is folly, and far from being Christ’s “narrow road” it is a flaming hole wide enough for millions to fall into.  There is nothing wise about it.  It is purely the folly of subjective, unreasonable, illogical, impossible thinking.  Absolutes can be absolute precisely because they don’t actually exist.  They are mutually exclusive to reality.  And thus confusing them with reality isn’t divine wisdom; it is madness.

Attempting to apply the unqualified absolutes pronounced from the pulpit leads–of course–to chaos, anarchy, and emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the ecclesiastical authority…who is just as confused as you are.  You see, the leadership doesn’t understand nor accept that an absolute theoretical construct cannot apply to individuals in a way that can really be objectively observed by a third party most of the time.  And this leads them to flail like a drowning man in the throws of their own logical confusion.  Falling on the sword of reason, they will eventually assume the position of mystic tyrant, finally realizing that since there is in fact no way to actually provide a consistent applicable reality when stemming from a purely theoretical truth to individuals who are, by divine design, wholly a function of differing contextual realities…yes, they will eventually resort to deciding that whatever they happen to say, or think, or declare, or decide at any given moment, based on any old whim or flight of fancy, is, in fact, the consistent TRUTH which ALWAYS proves the theoretical doctrine right, regardless of whether or not their words actually result in anything efficacious or edifying or even the least bit consistent with the doctrine.  Since the truth is absolute, and they are those God has appointed to reveal it, and since they are limited by their human context (which they hate, creating the unholy, narcissistic combination of self-loathing and self-worship), then they must concede that God is behind whatever they say on the matter, regardless of how inane or irrelevant, banal or pointless.  And so whatever they say is, again, the categorical and practical revelation of that absolute truth.

And from this it does not take an Aristotle to see that human carnage and spiritual madness/confusion are the only logical, practical, and actual real world results of such rank mysticism.

Okay…we didn’t get to the “hope” part yet, but trust me, these are premises which must be grasped before we can see just why understanding the confusing of absolute theoretical ideas with actual reality is precisely why we are tormented by these autocrats, and precisely why we can ultimately renounce their assumptions and their theology as purely figments of their imaginations.  And that is the “hope” part.

Please return for part two of this series! 

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