Examining the M in the Enemy’s CAMP: The Implicit Marxism in neo-Reformed Theology (I)

The enemy’s CAMP, roughly defined in a neat and tidy acronym is…

Hey, we could put it together in a little song, like “B.I.N.G.O”, but for kindergarten Sunday school!  Anyway, here it is:

C is for our good friend Calvin, who gave our lives for him (self)

A is for Augustine, who taught the virtues of Christian gnosticism

M is for Marxism, who defined the self as the collective to which man belongs

P is for Platonism, who philosophized that dictatorship is the best-est kind of rule for the throngs

Okay, I don’t really have the melody down yet, but I think it could really work.  And it’s one letter shorter than ‘bingo”, so it would be easier to indoctrinate the really, really little kids.

Oh, right, the neo-Cals are already doing this.  Yes…I do believe they have songs just like this, except, the approach is a bit different.  They actually think the doctrines which march like the hoards of Sauruman out of the enemy’s CAMP are a good thing.

But we want to go the opposite way.  Granted, we too, in fact, want to indoctrinate the kids.  Because there is nothing better for a child than to grow up understanding that God, you know…actually likes them.  So, that’s what we want to be all about.

But before we get to the kids, we need to educate ourselves on the strategy of the enemy CAMP.  We need to understand just why, beneath all the semi-eloquent “sermons” and the lofty appeals to big impressive imperialist entities like Heidelberg and Westminster, and the “love-bombing”, and the seemingly humble slavishness to divine “sovereignty” lurks nothing more than the pagan religious mindset which the God of Israel was unapologetically committed to wiping out.

Now, I realize we have spent quite a bit of time on the triplets (Calvin, Augustine, Plato…the vultures of a feather flocking together), but we have yet to visit their first and favorite son and politician, Karl Marx.  So let’s do that now.

John Immel, the great and brilliant metaphysician and church historian,  creator of the blog site SpiritualTyranny, was the first to bring to my attention the implicit Marxism residing in neo-Reformed principles.  Now, upon first hearing this, I admit I was quite incredulous because I think close to 100% of the neo-Reformed Christians in the three Sovereign Grace Ministries churches I frequented during my 15 years as a Calvinist bobble-head were registered, gun-totin’, liberty-lovin’, Obama-hatin’, Clinton-mockin’, faggot-despisin’, kahkis-wearin’, Starbuck’s drinkin’ capital-R REPUBLICANS, can I get an “AMEN”?!  Seriously, I mean I knew of not one single democrat in any of my three “home” churches.  And if I had, it would not have been long before you’d have seen them run out of town on a rail.  (In my current church, republican affiliation was actually somewhat of a mandatory qualification in the most recent pastoral search.  No, I don’t have a problem with republicans; YES I have a HUGE problem with THAT.)  So, again, I was pretty surprised when John made his argument that at the core of the neo-Calvinist juggernaut in this country was the very same state-ist, big-government communist principles that they pretended to despise in conversations and on election day.  And then he reminded me that, as usual, communism and autocracies tend to find solace and comfort in any and all philosophical, political, and religious schools thought as long as the “right people” are in charge.

Ah ha!  I said to my mind’s eye.

So then I got it.  His point was that as long as they didn’t actually call it communism (or even worse, liberalism), and it was C.J. Mahaney who was leading us in the way of infallible rule towards our worker’s paradise…well, then everything was all right.  We were still good and red (as in red state).  We could still hate Obama and not actually be hypocrites.

But that’s the thing about hypocrites…that is precisely how they are.  They never concede they are hypocrites because he who makes all the rules doesn’t have to concede anything, ever. 

Once I understood, regardless of whether or not I could totally see it yet, that John was right (because, let’s face it, he was right about EVERYTHING else regarding, specifically, my old alma mater, SGM), I started to look for it.

And this Sunday, I found it.  This was the most refreshingly honest sermon I have heard in a long time.  It was so out of character for neo-Calvinist pastors because it was unashamed in its appeal to the Marxist principle of the collective…otherwise known in neo-reformeddom as the local church.  Now, mind you, the terms were certainly not the same you’d find in either Mein Kampf or the Communist Manifesto…and even the explanations of the the terms were couched in pseudo-humble “but for the grace go I; I’m no better than you…we are all on God’s team” blah, blah, blah, the couching was so wonderfully superficial.  The appeal to forsaking the individual mind, body, soul and property for the sake of the “state” was so awesomely thin; really, if it was a gown it would would have been of a very fine, very light, very revealing silk.

Now, this of course was my take.  Of course, now that I’m actually on to their schtick and can spot the cut of their jib a mile away, it isn’t hard for me to catch it.  But perhaps for those still deep under the leadership’s wool frocks, it isn’t so apparent.  And it is for the sake of that distinct possibility that I am writing this post.

What I will do is provide the actual terms used in the actual sermon…as true to verbatim as I can remember, and then give you the thinly veiled Marxist root behind each.  Yes, I admit it is scary.  Yes, I admit that I am GLAD if this causes you concern because you’ve heard things just like it at YOUR local autocracy…I mean, church.  No, I will NOT concede that my interpretation is hyperbole.  This IS what this theology means.  Karl Marx WOULD be right at home in a neo-Calvinist church.

As long as you took down the crosses and burned the bibles.  Replace the words “God” and “Jesus” with, “Bart Simpson”, and Marx wouldn’t mind a damn bit.

1.  “Lord, the totality of my being belongs to you”:  This impossible metaphysic and divinely redundant ideal is merely a flagrant appeal to the supreme collective.  Since God isn’t here, but the local church is, to whom or what are you really relinquishing the totality of your being? Exactly.  Here’s your offering plate; jump on in.  There is no YOU anymore.  ALL of you is the collective, period.  Any appeal to ownership of yourself and your life is mortal sin; a rape of God. A urinating on the Cross.  Which saved the “you” which isn’t supposed to exist now that “you” are saved.  Hmmmm…

This idea of declaring God (the Church) the sole owner of all there is to you is a impossible concept.  For there is no such thing as a collective of individuals, by definition, it is contradiction.  There can be no actual realization of a collective. It is purely a theoretical construct.  Forcing individuals into a theoretical absolute like “collective'” is always destructive.  Not even Moses made this outrageous claim; not even God demanded the Israelites think of themselves in such egregious and impossible terms.

2.”Do not consider yourself greater than another”: This simply means do not consider yourself separate from the collective.  When you think of you, think of the “church”.  Better yet, think of your Senior Pastor.  If you do anything for yourself at the expense of the collective, regardless of how necessary, how loving, or how rational…you have sinned.  There may be forgiveness, but you will need an excuse from doctor, so to speak, and a make up day.

3. “Our Unity is God’s Will for our church”:  This is a brazen, spiritually tyrannical appeal to a divine mandate to FORCE.  The ecclesiastical authority qualifies all of their positions, actions, and violations of your natural right to self-will as “God’s Will”.  If you argue with them, you argue with God, and they reserve the divine right to punish you if you do not conform.  Remember, “who are you, O man, to argue with God?”.  They love this proof-text.  It is their systematic theology swansong; their anchor against the threat of individual minds.  They remind you that you are God’s and, conveniently, they are God.  They are perfect might and right.  Regardless of how capricious or self-contradictory, they are TRUTH.  They have right to rule the state because they are always right…because God said so; and He’s not letting you in on the reasons because, by definition, you wouldn’t understand anyway.

4.  “Humility”:  Manifested outwardly as you never considering yourself as ONE apart from the collective.  Others own you.  You greatest good is to pretend that you do not really exist.  And despite the fact that there is no YOU in their metaphysic, you will be severely punished/reprimanded for your wholly owned and wholly culpable disobedience.

5.  “Local church”:  Put simply, the Autocratic Collective, ruled by the Autocratic leadership “team”.  This team is a group of generally white, bald, half-educated(and recently, and more ubiquitously, little boys who are not yet of legal drinking age) unelected, specially and divinely dispensed elders/pastors/deacons (or whatever term is in vogue and confuses the largest number of people and is the most effective in obfuscating the Marxist, gnostic intentions) who tell you what to do and what to think and claim the right to punish you if you do not agree that they are entitled to rule over you without any representation; without legal counsel, without God–who hates you and only restrains your deserved violent punishment because they “cover” you.

The reason I put quotation marks around the word “team” has to do with the logical contradiction in the purely theoretical concept of “collective”.  In reality, this is impossible…it cannot exist.  The collective will always ultimately reside in the hands of a single person; the “dear leader” if you will.  Interesting how collectives never seem to see the irony in engaging in rank and garish idolatry of a particular individual.  Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Kim Jung, C.J….they ARE the collective.

You see, even their words and concepts mean nothing.  This should terrify people.   In neo-Calvinism, the senior pastor is really nothing more than the senior autocrat.  The protestant Pope, if you will.

6.  “The root of the the problems I see in the church is me (you)”:  Your very existence is the world’s greatest problem.  If you have a complaint, it’s your fault.  If you hear a wrong idea or doctrine; its your fault.  Abuse?  Your fault.  Your pride.  Your existence.  If you were on board with everything without question, without thought or reservation, none of these supposed “problems” would exist.  The very fact that you think is your greatest affront to God.  If the leadership “team” could steal your brain they are quite sure God would never condemn them.

7.  “We need “radical” change”: Radical always describes the communist, collectivist mentality.  They LOVE that word.  Well, yes, convincing everyone to surrender their very souls to a purely theoretical collective is quite radical.  It’s also quite evil.

Please return to the site for part two tomorrow.  Thanks!

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