Why Time Cannot Have a Before or After; Nor Can it be Eternal, It Is Only Theoretical

If you say that there is a “before and/or after” time, you concede that time is in fact a definition of both time and NO time.  That time only exists BECAUSE it once did not exist.  You concede that there was a “time” that time did not exist.  Thus, you have made time a function both of itself and NOT itself.  This is clearly contradictory to logic and reason.  This being the case, there is no way time can have a beginning or and end.  There is no way there can be an “end” of time.  For what is the end of time but NOT time?  And, again, how is it possible that time can be a direct function of  NO time; that the father of time is in fact no time at all?  Christians will never concede evolution, and yet they are willing to concede that the creator (be it God or be it something else) of space and time is utterly and totally mutually exclusive to space and time.

At the same time (no pun intended), we cannot logically declare that time is eternal; that is, it has NO beginning or end.  This is a problem for several reasons.  The first is that it makes time, again, a function of NO time.  The “time line” somehow leaves a part of itself “always” (in suspended animation?) in the past, and extends “always” in the future.  This means that the time line itself is not a function of time, that the time line is really, NO time at all because it just IS, by definition.  It goes on forever; an eternal timeline is a static time line, and “static time” is a contradiction in terms.

Further, “present” cannot be given a value, ever, because time itself, being eternal, can only ever have a value of infinity.  Infinity, by definition, cannot possibly have a value ascribed to it except for infinity, because there is no such thing as partial infinity…another impossible contradiction.  Therefore, and again, you cannot have a present moment that can ever be given a set value that does not in fact violate the definition of time; and this of course means that objects cannot exist as a function of time because, since they are limited, having set values for their dimensions in 3 dimensional space (or,having set dimension in non-3 dimensional space, even), they cannot be given an unlimited value of time to define their “present moment”.  You see, this is where time breaks down due to the “infinity paradox”, as I have termed it.  Infinity’s value must, since it can never be set, always and only, when applied to the real-world (non-theoretical) frame reference of a physical object, be given a real-world practical value of zero.  Thus, the value of time given to an object at any given present moment must always be zero.  This, of course, is precisely why physicists use a mathematical 4-dimensional coordinate system to describe “spacetime”.   They understand (though don’t mention it often because, of course, their science depends on measurements) that without this theoretical coordinate system, no actual value of spacetime can be given to the physical universe; that is, given to those things which are actually observed.

As we can see then, time itself is purely theoretical.  Any attempt to apply a value of time in any way to an actual observable object in our universe quickly falls into the trap of logical-contradiction.  The object becomes an impossible function of an impossible idea.  The only way then to view time is as a function of the theoretical framework of the coordinate system.  This being the case, one cannot rationally or logically speak of ideas like “predestination”, “election”, God’s “foreknowledge”, or “God having determined or elected or decided or created “before” time”, because not even God is capable of violating the logic and reason that are the root truths (that objects cannot possibly exist while contradicting their own existence) of a universe He designed.

In addition, the most obvious logical violation of an idea like “God, preordaining an event or a thing before time” is that not even God can preordain a thing or an event that by definition does NOT EXIST.  It isn’t THERE to PREDESTINE.  NON-existence cannot be a functional component of existence.  It is impossible. It violates the root truth of the entire universe, again:  a thing cannot both exist and not exist.

There can be no time that “God can see through” to preordain or predestine or elect or anything else.  I have said this before and it is axiomatic:  there can be no future that God can know.  If there is future that God knows then God has violated the logical truth which declares that it is impossible for something to both BE and NOT BE at the same time.   Therefore, if God knows the future, then to God, the future must be now…the future must be IS.  And if the future IS to God before it is to the person or the event that He has “seen”, then the only explanation for the event or person is that it or he or she is an extension of God.  If a thing is REAL before it is manifest in human reality then it must be a function of the thing which declared it WAS, before it became IS to us, in our frame of reference.  Therefore, if there is a future for God to know, the future can only and ever be HIMSELF.  And this is the contradiction of God.  He has contradicted Himself by declaring predestined Creation as something wholly separate from Himself.  He has contradicted Himself and made Himself a liar.  This of course is the giant, blasphemous metaphysical contradiction inherent in the current explanation of ANY idea that invokes God has doing, knowing, or calling as existing anything before time. Most prominently among them is the idea of preordained election of specific human beings to either salvation or damnation.  It is impossible in any rational arena.  It simply cannot be true in this universe.

If there is a before time then there is nothing around you which is real.  It is all God.  There is no you, nor me, nor judgment, nor Jesus…no thought, no understanding, no righteousness, and no sin.  Our faith is a lie.

We must stop this nonsensical appeal to the idea that man can both be a function of time and no time, choice and no choice.  It is irrational, it is illogical, and it says many dreadful things about our God.

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