The Wave/Particle Duality of Light is Not a Good Anaology for Predestination vs. Free Will

In this particular example, a certain Christian attempts to liken the duality of light paradox to the idea of predestination/free will.  The duality of light paradox says that light particles behave effortlessly, both like particles AND like waves (mind you that light is not a wave, but is a particle, that BEHAVES like a wave…this is important to understand).  This phenomenon has been objectively proven in countless experiments.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, I suggest you read about it.  Truly, it is one of the most fascinating as-of-yet unexplained natural phenomenons.

At any rate, as interesting as the duality of light paradox is, it does not make for an effective or, frankly, sensible illustration for the free will/predestination “paradox”; which really is not a paradox at all, but is a metaphysical and logical contradiction.  Whereas the duality of light phenomenon is truly a paradox (two seemingly contradictory positions which upon further observation and quantification can be objectively reconciled), the free will/predestination question is not a paradox at all.  It cannot be objectively observed, measured, or utilized pragmatically to a given end.  It is purely a theoretical abstraction…a figment on man’s ability to label something “reconciled” which can never be reconciled; to claim a modicum of understanding to that which he can never understand; to attempt to employ practically something which can never be practically employed.  In short, it is a false comparison.  Physics and reformation philosophy are hardly the same thing at all.

Though scientists may not yet understand the duality of light phenomenon, I can assure you that the particles of light from which this phenomenon is birthed DO.  That is, in a sense, I am arguing that light does in fact “understand” perfectly this paradoxical phenomenon, and understands it perfectly.  This can be known simply by performing the simple wave/particle experiment seen a hundred times on YouTube.  And while it is paradoxical to man, the very fact that light can effectively ACT in such a way that both wave and particle behavior is compatible and consistent is proof that light surely “knows” fully and compatibly its own behavior.  This can never be true of man operating under the false dichotomy of predestination and free will.

In order for it to operate effectively, and to do what it is so easily able to consistently do, a light particles MUST function under the full auspices of its own capabilities.  For it, if it was confused about things, could never function rationally.  The problem with the predestination/free will contradiction is that it is better akin to this example; that is, the example of the confused light particle.  Because a particle attempting to provide illumination for the  Consumer Reports magazine you keep next to the latrine simply cannot do so if it concedes that it can never understand the very thing it needs to understand in order to “light up” the Consumer Reports magazine you keep next to the latrine.

Man is expected to function like light does:  naturally, effectively, rationally according to an idea that he cannot possibly understand; cannot possibly rationalize.  If light was wholly “ignorant” of the abilities it has, of the innate forces which make its actualization and application organized, consistent, and effective, according to the physical laws by which its effects can be objectively observed and measured, light could not exist.  It could not be realized.  It could not do.  It could not be.

The same is also true for man.  Man cannot ever effectively or consistently operate under a pretense (law, truth, idea, etc.) which he cannot possibly understand; cannot ever hope to reconcile with his reality; cannot ever hope to pragmatically organize towards a given purpose.  And why?  Because if he cannot possibly understand it then he must always be ignorant of how to apply it.

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