An Uncomfortable Truth: The only way around determinism is…

How do we say that God is ever present?  Can we even define present in terms of duration?  How is God I AM if we cannot put a number of time–a duration–on “now”.  How does God exist “eternally” if we cannot quantify what that means?  How should we thus interpret “time” if we cannot even quantify the centerpiece of it?  How do we describe the nature of our existence, exactly, if we cannot quantify a “present moment”, a “now”, and if the past and the future are theoretical?  By that I mean, how do you touch or see the past?  How do you touch or see the future?  If there is no duration of present, and past and future cannot be touched, seen, or felt, then how can we define our reality? What is the quantifiable nature of it?  As far as I can tell, there is only space, mass, and movement.  Any notion of “time” is merely a way of measuring the movement of objects in space.  To then ascribe “past” and “future” as a real entity means that we effectively declare something that is unobservable, intangible as ACTUAL.  Hmm….I’m wondering how exactly we get away with this; and, again, if the future is real, then it must be fixed (determined).  There is no way around this.

The only way around a determined future, and thus an ultimate concession of Calvinism/Reformed theology is to deny that the future is actual—to declare it a theoretical construct of time, which is simply a mathematical measurement of motion in space.  This is the only way a human being can have free will/free volition, and real choice.  It is the only way natural law can be actually natural LAW; meaning, that a cause can really create an effect.  It is the only way anything can have been created by God without being just an extension of Him.  There is only NOW and MOVEMENT; and this movement in space is driven by cause and effect LAW, and man’s conscious, volitional manipulation of these laws, which results in further movement-as-effect of choice. 

The good news is that this is the truth.  We do not NEED a future, or a past.  All we need is self-awareness and space to move in.

I declare, therefore, that not only is determinism/predestination false, it is impossible in our current reality.  Our interpretation of God’s foreknowledge and “election” must be rendered compatible with the reality of our existence.  If there is a “REAL” future, then there is not really US.  And if there is not really US, then God is also a lie.  And if He isn’t, we cannot truly know Him anyway.  Thus, He is a functional lie to us…or at the very least, irrelevant.  

If we exist, we must exist in the present, but how do you put a number on that which doesn’t signify a moving of time from a point to a point?

You see a light from a star.  Astrophysicists say you are looking at the past.  But that isn’t true.  We are seeing evidence of a past.  We are seeing light that is now.  Not then…because we cannot touch the past.  We can see and feel things only now; and these things do not point to a past moment in “time”–as if that were even possible for objects which exist in a space not their own–they are only indicative of a movement which has occurred.  “When” it occurred is not a declaration of anything real; but merely a measurement of the event itself on a fictional timeline.  The only thing real is the movement, the only real “when” it occurred is NOW, because all existence; all movement can only take place in the “present”.  It cannot take place i the “past”, because…where is the past?  Show me the location?  When isn’t real…”when” is always abstract.  Thus, it is a construct of MAN’S consciousness.   We are seeing the light now, just like we see everything now.

We think we know much.  I think we know very little. And yet, we rush to our assumptions of the nature of God.  We proclaim we know so much about Him; and where we do not understand, we proclaim in our arrogance “paradox”.  As if that is a real answer. Instead of being honest, we arrogantly assume that “is” and “is not” is a TRUTH on which to rest our faith.

Calvinists and non Calvinists alike, when they concede a future for God to know (and His knowledge is perfect, by definition, which means this “future” is fixed, and cannot be changed) concede the same thing.  Man is not himself.  Man is a predetermined collection of acts that God has ALREADY done for him.

If we proclaim God knows the things we will do, then, to God, we’ve already done them.  But, yet, not us…because how can we do something before we do it?  How can God know it before we do it?  Unless He determined we do it BEFORE we do it?

No…there MUST have been a time where we DID what we did and CHOSE what we chose, BEFORE God knew it.  That is the only way free choice can ever be real.  And the answer is this:

Deny time.  That is, deny time as an actual phenomenon.  Declare it for what it is:  an abstract construct; a quantification man devised in order to measure/categorize movement.  Movement is real; space is real; objects are real.  All existence is done now, and that is when God can know what man and Creation does.  He can know only NOW.  As an omnipotent being, it is impossible for God to know things that do not exist.  It is redundant, for one.  And, in addition, not even God can proclaim logical contradictions as true.  God cannot declare something that does not exist, and never has nor will exist, as existing.

I understand that this idea is not likely to be accepted in my lifetime.  So be it.  But the facts of my argument are undeniable.  It is undeniable that free will can be true if the future is real and known by God.

It is also undeniable that past and future cannot be seen, felt, or observed, but that all reality is seen in the present only…and even present is something that cannot truly be quantified.  Thus, all that we can say is REAL is: space, objects, movement (via energy).

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