There Will Be No 2020 Presidential Election (Conclusion): What can we expect?

The way I see it, there is no scenario where Trump can (be allowed to) win, and, as far as the ruling class is concerned, no reason that Biden should. You see, if Trump wins, then the leftist rage mobs and left wing domestic terrorist organizations like ANTIFA will have their insanity pricked, and they will put brick to window, flame to building, and club to skull all over the nation, an worse. Local law enforcement authorities will do nothing, of course, and will stand down, just like they did all summer when leftist tempers raged across America. The violence and destruction will leave the ruling class with much less to actually rule, and will weaken the perception of government’s ability to actually manage the nation. This could lead to outright rebellion by the leftist rank and file, and attempts to overthrown the current ruling class en masse. This is something the ruling class absolutely does not want…they do not want a complete shift in power. They are very much committed to the facade of the “United States of America”—they have entirely to much invested in this narrative. They are not looking for a new name and a new flag, to put it bluntly. The re-election of Donald Trump, then, is something which they simply cannot allow to happen. And they won’t. They are not looking for power coups, and secession fights, and more “Capitol Hill Free Zones” in cities across the nation.

Yet a victory for Joe Biden is likewise not in the interest of the ruling class, but for different reasons, of course. The ruling class, though they are not looking for a categorical change in government, do not want it to proceed normally, either. And they do not evn really want the appearance of normality. The US Constitution has been overtly and indefinitely suspended on purpose, and this to help create an atmosphere among the people of permanent crisis, confusion, and uncertainty. The ruling class uses this permanent “crisis mode” to massively expand its power over all aspects of human existence, under the guise of “emergency powers” which we are told will be rescinded once the crisis has abated. Of course the ruling class obviously has no interest in the crisis being over, so it never is.

To this end then, the ruling class will use this presidential election to perpetuate the national crisis zeitgeist. The election of Biden, legitimately or illegitimately, presents an image of government functionality to the people, of law and order, of normalcy, and thus of hope. This kind of thing is decidedly NOT conducive to promoting an endless crisis mentality, and so the ruling class cannot allow it. The ruling class does not want you to feel hope. It wants fear, and panic, because frightened, panicking people tend to trade lots and lots of freedom for government “security” in the form of totalitarian law.

Additionally, if Biden assumes office, then the ruling class loses its greatest politcal asset: an omnipresent excuse fo undermine and dismantle every aspect of American tradition, and to obliterate every vestige of enlightenment representative government in order to replace it with a Marxist totalitarian “social justice utopia”. The American tradition of a free and democratic society where the law is no respecter of persons is being summarily eradicated in the name of saving the world from The Most Dangerous Nazi of all Time, Donald “KKK” Trump.

The best possibly outcome of this election for the ruling class is for Donald Trumpt to remain in office as nominal president…that is, to remain in office but stripped, perhaps even just implicitly so, I submit, of any actual executive power. This, I further submit, is what we will most likely see happen. Trump will remain the nominal president, while the election results, such as they are, are left to decay in permanent bureaucratic limbo. Trump’s position will be at the very least implicitly illegitimate—a “placeholder”, or a “bench warmer”, or a “figure head”, he will be called—and the masses will be conditioned to reject Trump as having any legitimate authority whatsoever. Kind of like now, but more so. Trump will exist purely as an official excuse for the ruling class to govern as an autocracy. The three-legged stool of Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government will be left with only two. and thus it will topple, being left with zero.


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