There Will Be No 2020 Presidential Election (Part TWO): It’s all about the left

People interested in a free and democratic election—those who wish to see the republic continue as it has, and can respect the outcomes of legitimate, corruption-free elections, regardless of who wins, without completely losing their shit—are, simply put, not a threat to the ruling class. They haven’t been a threat for a long, long time…not since the American Revolution have American patriots, which we would consider the conservative and libertarian voters today, really terrified the ruling class. instead, these “patriots” are those who sat by and watched as state governors and their “public health “ officials (lackeys) suspended indefinitely the United States Constitution, almost literally overnight, becasue of a comparatively harmless respiratory illness which was contorted and massaged into a “national public health crisis” by leftist politicians and their big media comrades for explicit and obvious political convenience. And these are the same “patriots” who, in spite of clearly tyrannical government overreach, now do little more than figurativelyl waggle their fingers in the general direction of the left and amateurishly warn, “Just wait until Trump gets re-elected in November”, as if the same government and governors who easily and openly suspended every basic freedom and right guaranteed by the Constitution with the stroke of a pen is somehow powerless to stop the nation’s free election process.

This, my friends, is the great elevation of hope over reason.

If these “patriots”, these conservative voters, wanted to save the country, the time to speak up was back in March of this year. Now it is entirely too late. The republic is dead, and it has assumed room temperature, and it is well past the opportunity to resuscitate it.

Clearly a ruling class who can brazenly suspend the US Constitution with absolutely no consequence except a massive overnight expansion of authoritarian power, and the wealth to match, is willing to suspend the free election process, which only requires a smidge of grease and a wiggle to throw it into the chaos it is constantly teetering on the brink of anyway. And make no mistake, the ruling class WILL suspend the election, one way or another, because they can, because no one will do anything about it, and they know this…and if they can, they WILL. Free elections are always an obstacle to power, NEVER a benefit. It is perpetually in the interest of the ruling class to eradicate them, and they will always take any opportunity to do so. It is their nature. Like a dog will bark and a bird will sing, the ruling class WILL become tyrannical when given the opportunity. And that opportunity is clearly now.


Since the voters on the right are of no concern to the ruling class, because they are scared and complacent, because they have been conditioned to be so, this election is really all about the voters on the left, who are decidedly not scared or complacent, as exhibited by their enthusiastic willingness to loot, burn, murder, and violently commandeer whole sections of major American cities at the slightest, dubious offense against their arrantly Marxist politics and their infantile sense of entitlement.

And it just so happens that these leftist hoards of violent, deranged ideologues aren’t really all that interested in free elections, anyway. They are solidly of the Marxist totalitarian political pedigree, and favor a supremely violent, all-powerful communist State Authority to compell by bomb, bullet, and jackboot everyone and everything in service to a mass psychosis they cutely and un-ironically call “Social Justice”. Which is precisely what they are going to get, and are getting, and so are we, because as it turns out, this is also what what the ruling class wants, including Republicans—even though they will never admit it to themselves. Republicans are ruling class , too. They are hopeless. Put no faith in them. It is a waste of time. If you don’t believe me, I have a place called CHAZ and the ashes of a Constitution to show you. All this while Trump, who is touted as the savior of America, is in office.

So the leftist voters, who are the only ones that matter, don’t want free elections and neither does the ruling class. Ergo, carry the one, subtract the two…there will be no 2020 presidential election.


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