There Will Be No 2020 Presidential Election: How Covid-19 collapsed the American Republic

The ostensible purpose of elections in a representative democracy like the United States is to allow citizens to participate in government. The election of public representatives to positions of government power is the citizen’s direct line to the State…it keeps them literally invested in and connected to the process of government, and to government institutions. For elections to be both possible and meaningful then, there are two simple prerequisites:

  1. The representative democracy must be intact and functional (e.g. it cannot be, say, sold out to a globalist totalitarian oligarchy).
  2. The citizens of the representative democracy must actually want to participate in government (e.g they do not want to be ruled over by a globalist totalitarian oligarchy, and such a thing actually bothers them).

Here then we have arrived at the answer to the question clearly begged by the title of this article. The question is, of course: Why will there be no presidential election in 2020?

Because of two reasons:

  1. The representative democracy which was the United States is no longer intact and functional.
  2. The people of the United States do not actually want to participate in government (despite many of them claiming the contrary).

Now, I know those two answers, though complete and to the point, leave a lot to be desired, so I will expand.

The government of the United States no longer acknowledges its most foundational document, the Constitution, the document which underwrites the entirety of the republic—what it is, what it does, what it means, and its purpose. The government, by rejecting the Constitution has rejected the nation’s root philosophical principles, and thus has dismissed the entire existential frame of reference for the United States. This violates free-election prerequisite number one.

As to the second prerequisite, it is clearly evident by the ear-splitting non-response of the American public to the almost categorical and indefinite suspension of basic constitutional rights back in March of this year, in service to a dubious and shockingly ill-defined “public health emergency” known as the Covid-19 “pandemic”, that the citizens of the United States no longer have any interest in participating in their own governance. American citizens were all too happy to exchange their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms for governance by rank executive order, and face masks. This violates free-election prerequisite number two.

The shift from a representative republic to a thinly veiled autocracy ruled by a globalist plutocracy of big tech, big media, big finance, and others, occurred almost literally overnight. In the name of “public health—and the irony should not be lost on anyone—the US Constitution was summarily suspended, and this indefinitely, and so by logical extension the democracy which it specifically ordained was likewise summarily and indefinitely suspended.


We should ask ourselves, “What would be the point of a presidential election in 2020?” The answer is of course that there is NO point, and there can be no point. As stated, in order for a free election in a representative democracy to happen, much less matter, the citizens must desire to participate and thus must always make it known in no uncertain terms that they will simply not tolerate any overtures towards a ruling class coup to overthrow their legally guaranteed rights and replace them with the kind of command-and-control autocracy that ALL ruling classes desire at heart. The citizen should never seek cooperation with the ruling class as a duty or objective, but should always hold it in deep suspicion, with a critical and threatening eye. The State is a ferocious wild animal that will kill its master should that master let his guard down for but a moment.

However, this is simply not how the American citizen relates to his government these days. Rather, the American citizen stands idly by as the State strips him of every meaningful right and privilege he has, in service to…well, basically anything the State desires. The citizen of the United States has assumed the role of slave to the ruling class, and a slave he shall be. Through the conveyance of a completely contrived and massively overstated “ public health crisis” Americans have indicated that they are all too happy to be ruled and enslaved “for their own good”, and the ruling class has indicated that it is all to happy to oblige them.

No election will take place because no election is possible.


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