In Order to Form a More Panicked Union: Government, Coronavirus, and the “Freedom’ to Fear (Part Three)

We left off in the last article in this series with the following:

“So you survive this pandemic, as the vast, vast majority of us will, and you stay healthy. But so what? Who do you think “you” are, anyway?”

So let’s continue.

You don’t get to decide whether you keep your business open or not, or whether your employees continue to get paid or not, or whether to accept the risk or not, or whether your savings will fund your retirement or not. So how do you think that you get to decide how healthy you stay or not; or to what extent you survive or not? If you survive the pandemic but pay dearly for it through the incompetencies, overreaction, and propaganda of the State and their carnival barkers, the media, and the information garbage dumb of social media, which create disastrous and multigenerational consequences for the economy, the political substratum, and the the social dynamics of the nation, then how exactly is this “survival” except in the most technical and most pointless sense of the word? You survive at your expense, you see. Which is a contradiction in terms. You are not at root cooperating in handling the cirises; you are not engaging your reason, your logic, your critical thinking, and your context, and making the best choices for you and your family and your finances and your business and your neighbors. No. You are being pointed thither and hither by the muzzle of a gun, and doing this or that as you are directed by an Authority which possesses the legal right to decide what a crisis is or is not, what is “essentional” or not, who may work and who may not, what products may be sold and what may not, and thus what you may own and what you may not, and where you may go, and what you may do, etc.,etc..

And the “you” that the goverment is doing this “for” is not you at all. It is a collectivized ideal of you. A figment; an abstract; a gauzy concept. The State doesn’t know you, your family, your context, your needs beyond the stats and actuary tables of goverment agencies, lobbyists, bureaucrats, and “fact-finding” commissions, and that’s how it defines you, and always will. And the difference between handling a crisis yourself and/or of actually cooperating (entirely absent the threat of violence) with others in a crisis, and being told how you will handle it by a master is that in the former case your survival is an expression and a validation of you; in the latter, it is an exploitation of you; it is at your expense. It is not actually for you at all. In the first case your competence and worthiness and intelligence and reason is revealed, and magnified. In the second, the State is magnified. Under the auspicies of the Authority of the State you are nothing more than either an expression of State or a hinderance to it, in which case you are threatened, and if you do not comply , you are eliminated. Your actions are dictated in times of crisis, as in any other time, and thus your “survival” is but another rank expression of the State. Those who do not survive…well, perhaps the outcome would have been different in a truly free and voluntary social, political, and economic context…one of Freedom not slavery; but at any rate you’ll noticed that the dead do not ever represent the failure of the State (at best it might be said to be a failure of this or that politician/administration). The favorite target of the ire of those dismayed at the body count is not the State, itself, and the specious collectivist philosophical principles upon which it is established, but the “deniers” and “doubters” who are labeled selfish and blind for not immediately accepting the superficial and propagandistic narrative spun by government, media, and the social media slag heap. Yes, anyone who questions the official yarn, everyone who dares ask for more freedom in times of pandemic, not less; for less government control, not more, will be scapegoated as the cancer which metastasizes in the virus. The only criticism of the State will be rooted in the idea that it did not exercise more power, sooner. And thus more control in the future, not less, will be the demand. And thus even the “failure” of the State in time of crisis, such as it is, is really just an affirmation of its efficacy, righteousness, and necessity.

END part three

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